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Last May, we launched our first  Paubox Customer Success Road Show, returning to the homeland of Hawaii to meet with customers and  make new friends. While there, we visited the  Caregiver Foundation and spoke with Gary Powell, the Executive Director of the Caregiver Foundation.

The Caregiver Foundation helps provide practical and emotional support to seniors, disabled adults and their caregivers. What wasn’t practical to the Caregiver Foundation was hunting down passwords for email portals to access sensitive information. This disrupted their ability to immediately tend to their clients’ needs, which sometimes required urgent attention. Looking for a more seamless email encryption solution, the Caregiver Foundation found Paubox, the only HIPAA compliant email solution with zero-step encryption on all sent emails.

Caregiver Foundation Paubox Customer Success



Below are time stamps from our conversation:

0:00  0:37 = About the Caregiver Foundation

0:38  1:08 = How HIPAA affects the Caregiver Foundation

1:09  1:38 = Life before Paubox

1:39  2:29 = Frustrations with email portal passwords

2:30  2:58 = How the Caregiver Foundation heard about Paubox

2:59  3:34 = Life after Paubox

3:35  4:38 = Caregiver Foundation’s 10-year anniversary fundraiser

4:39  5:51 = Caregiver Foundation’s Pulama Aloha

5:52  7:03 = Microsoft 365 HIPAA compliant calendar invites through Paubox

7:04  8:16 = The future of the Caregiver Foundation’s industry

8:17  9:49 = Paubox Lightning Round


About the Caregiver Foundation

The Caregiver Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide practical and emotional support to Seniors, Disabled Adults and their Caregivers.

The Caregiver Foundation is based in Wahiawa in the Hawaiian island of Oahu.


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