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Early access program for Paubox secure email marketing solution

Early access program for Paubox secure email marketing solution

The open secret here at Paubox is that we use customer feedback as a roadmap of what to build and when to build it. Over the past twelve months, we've talked to customers all over the country about their need for an email marketing solution that meets HIPAA compliance requirements.

As we covered earlier this month, it's apparent that HIPAA Compliant Email Marketing is not easy to do. There is however, an incredible opportunity to service this market. On that note, I am pleased to announce our early access program for Paubox secure email marketing solution.


What are the benefits of the early access program?


Early adopters will gain access to our best-in-class encrypted email solution that delivers secure email straight to a recipients inbox, without the friction of portals and extra steps normally associated with secure email. It's also HITRUST CSF certified.

Another big win for early adopters: You gain access to our product roadmap.

In other words, after Version 1 (V1) is launched, you would have a say in what features are added to V2 and beyond.


What features are included in V1?


V1 of the Paubox secure email marketing solution will include a set of seven core features. To learn what's included just contact us.


Is a Business Associate Agreement included?


Yes. Our Business Associate Agreement is included at no extra charge for early adopters.

How long is the enrollment period for the early access program


The early access program closed on 31 December 2019, but you can start a free trial of our HIPAA compliant email marketing solution, Product Orca, here.


Try Paubox Marketing for free and make your email marketing HIPAA compliant today.

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