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Day 1 at HIMSS 2024: AI looks to be engrained in healthcare

Day 1 at HIMSS 2024: AI looks to be engrained in healthcare

Day 1 at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2024 conference brought familiar buzzwords back into the limelight, with AI, interoperability, and patient engagement leading the conversations. This time around, AI felt more ingrained, almost an expectation in the healthcare tech landscape, rather than the shiny new object it was last year.

The energy in the air is a notch up from last year's post-Covid return, with healthcare professionals eager to dive into discussions and explore new solutions.

One of our standout moments was the giveaway of a bottle of Blanton's Whiskey. We'll be giving out another bottle tomorrow.

Paubox Texting caught quite a bit of attention, with our CEO, Hoala Greevy, kept busy with back-to-back demos. It's clear that the ease of use of our Paubox Email Suite and Paubox Marketing, eliminating the need for senders and recipients to jump through additional hoops, is resonating with potential customers.

The vibe is definitely more charged than last year, and our flashing glasses have been a hit among attendees. It's shaping up to be an engaging conference, and we're looking forward to what the next days will bring.

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Blanton's Giveaway

We ran a Blanton's Whiskey giveaway! Here's Hoala presenting the winner with his prize.


Paubox Booth at HIMSS 2024The Paubox Booth.


Hoala and Jordan

Hoala and Jordan in front of the 3D puzzle.


Sales at Topgolf

The sales team relaxed at Topgolf Orlando after a long day of talking with customers.

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