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Day 2 at HLTH 2023: Inspirational stories and insightful discussions

Day 2 at HLTH 2023: Inspirational stories and insightful discussions

Day 2 at HLTH 2023 was nothing short of inspiring for the Paubox team. Customers stopped by booth #1342 to share their positive Paubox experiences. We had engaging discussions with industry experts, and the day was filled with motivation and valuable insights.

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About HLTH 2023:

HLTH 2023 continues to be the pivotal healthcare event, bringing together over 10,000 attendees, 350 speakers, and 900 sponsors, creating a dynamic environment for networking, learning, and collaboration.


Highlights of Day 2:

  • Highlight #1: Customers stopped by to share how Paubox has streamlined and secured their workflow, offering them peace of mind.
  • Highlight #2: A fascinating Main Stage talk titled "Bringing AI to Healthcare Responsibly" by James Manyika of Google, interviewed by Axios journalist Erin Brodwin, shed light on responsible AI use in healthcare.
  • Highlight #3: Roger Cohen, a renowned healthcare law specialist, engaged in a discussion with the Paubox team about HIPAA, AI training data privacy, and OCR guidance on pixel trackers.
  • Highlight #4: Paubox's flashing sunglasses continued to be popular among attendees, and the ice cream at our booth was a delightful treat for many.
  • Highlight #5: The day concluded with Paubox CEO Hoala Greevy awarding a bottle of Blanton's exceptional bourbon.


Day 2 Takeaways:

  • Healthcare companies should seek patient authorization to use their AI model training data.
  • Google appears to be adopting a more responsible approach to privacy concerning healthcare data.
  • Pixel trackers should not be used on logged-in pages of healthcare websites without proper agreements.
  • Compliance with HIPAA does not exempt companies from FTC scrutiny if patient privacy is at risk.


Closing Thoughts: 

With inspiring customer stories, insightful discussions, and a bit of fun with giveaways, Day 2 at HLTH 2023 was a memorable and productive day for the Paubox team.

Stay Tuned: Join us for more updates from HLTH 2023, and if you're attending, don't forget to visit the Paubox Booth for more insights and surprises!



James Manyika of Google, interviewed by Axios journalist Erin Brodwin

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