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Custom audience fields added to Paubox Marketing

Custom audience fields added to Paubox Marketing

Paubox Marketing is our HIPAA compliant email marketing solution which allows healthcare providers to send personalized email marketing including protected health information (PHI). Launched on Christmas Day 2019, we have been hard at work adding features to the product based on feedback we receive from our early adopters.  We are pleased to announce our most recent improvement: custom audience fields.


Custom audience fields

By default, the Paubox Marketing audience panel comes with three columns: email, first name, and last name.  As of today users can add their own custom fields to the panel as well. Healthcare providers can create subscription lists based off of whatever criteria they require.  They can also use their custom audience fields as Smart Text in their promotions which makes the functionality even more powerful. This unlocks a great deal of potential for our customers.


Example use case

Let's say a healthcare provider wants to remind patients what medications they need to renew next month. Via an .xlsx template upload or the Paubox Marketing API, the provider imports a list of its clients including prescriptions and prescription renewal year/month as custom fields. The provider then narrows down his or her audience by searching for "2020/March" and adds the resulting matches to a subscription list called "Prescription Renewal Reminder." Now the healthcare provider can send an email promotion specifically catered to these patients: Custom Audience Fields Added to Project Orca - paubox


Other features

In addition to custom audience fields, we’ve also released the following features this year:


About Paubox Marketing

With Paubox Marketing, healthcare providers can send targeted, personalized messages to engage patients and grow their business. To provide context, here are several macro trends in healthcare:


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