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Zoom coffee and connection for healthcare IT

Zoom coffee and connection for healthcare IT

This week, on July 13th, we held a Paubox Zoom Coffee and Connect for healthcare IT customers and prospective clients.

Similar to previous mixers, guests and staff Zoomed in from across the country. We wanted to create an opportunity for people to join us during the day over coffee, donuts, and bagels on the house, so our Coffee and Connect mixers were born.

Our group this morning was small but mighty. We discussed topics ranging from cyber insurance to struggles with employees embracing new tech and other issues that impact HIT in the day-to-day demands of their jobs. But first, many cups of coffee and a healthy serving of donut holes were served up.  

The Paubox zoom mixers are the ideal place for IT professionals to meet, connect and get ideas from one another. 


Cyber insurance and struggles with employees embracing new tech. But first, coffee... and donuts

Our group connected from the following states:
  • Wisconsin
  • Arizona
  • Oregon
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Pennsylvania
  • Alaska
  • Nebraska


As  Hoala Greevy , our founder and CEO, said previously, the  Paubox Zoom Social Mixer premise  is simple: We recreate things we used to do in real life (IRL) on the Internet. The mixers are an excellent opportunity for our customers and prospects to network and discuss running a healthcare business more efficiently and effectively.  

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Pauboxers love to connect with our customers

We look forward to these mixers at Paubox because it gives us a chance to get to know our customers better. All of our solutions are built directly from customer feedback. We constantly innovate to bring you the tools needed to get the job done. 


Paubox mixers are an excellent opportunity for our customers to network

A great takeaway from the Paubox mixers is that we get excellent customer feedback. And these opportunities give our customers a chance to network and form a community of colleagues facing similar challenges. 


We are always amazed by our customer feedback

As one of our customers said, "I'm just happy to be here! To finally make one of these things!" We're happy you made it too!


Zoom coffee and connection for healthcare IT

Here are some highlights from this morning:

  • Cyber security insurance keeps ramping up requirements
  • Make sure to check with your cybersecurity insurance company for discounts
  • The need to automate manual tasks around EHRs and inputting data. Talk to Paubox about our groundbreaking solutions.
  • Dealing with getting documents in outdated formats from government agencies
  • The universal struggle to get employees to adapt to new technology
  • IT departments are small compared to the amount of critical tasks


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Our second coffee and donut zoom mixer is a success!

Interested in upcoming events?

  • 7/28 - Regular last Thursday evening mixer
  • 8/11 - Paubox Marketing-focused evening mixer
  • 8/25 - Regular last Thursday evening mixer
  • 9/15 - Partner-focused evening mixer
  • 9/29 - Regular last Thursday evening mixer


Guests receive a beverage of your choice from us delivered to your door before the event starts. If you're interested in attending one of our events, please email our coordinator, Angela Macmillan.

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