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Paubox zoom mixer: horses, race cars and neon lights

Paubox zoom mixer: horses, race cars and neon lights

Horses, race cars, neon lights and a lively evening

As Hoala Greevy, our founder and CEO, said previously, the Paubox Zoom Social Mixer premise is simple: We recreate things we used to do in real life (IRL) on the Internet. Hoala joined the Paubox zoom mixer to talk with the customers, prospects, and the Paubox team about our solutions for healthcare.

We covered a lot of ground, including Hoala letting us in on big news, what's up on deck from development, archiving, domain name spoofing and why comparing Paubox to competitors is like comparing a race car to a horse. 


Paubox's 12th mixer brings healthcare IT professionals together to find solutions

Our twelfth Paubox Zoom Social Mixer brought customers, prospects, and staff together from across the country for great networking and exploring the many uses for Paubox Email Solutions.

States represented at our latest mixer were:

  • California
  • New York
  • Indiana
  • Saint Louis
  • Louisiana
  • Washington
  • Hawaii
  • Michigan
  • Nebraska
  • Ohio


The Paubox July 28th zoom social mixer provided an excellent opportunity for our customers and prospects to network and learn more about the use cases for Paubox Email Solutions and how we stack up against the competition. In addition, customers and prospects were treated to food and beverage deliveries or gift cards on us. 

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The Paubox zoom mixer

This is how how our Paubox mixers go. First, attendees introduce themselves, and then we begin with topics chosen by prospects and clients to get the network conversation flowing. The nights are a good time, and we always come away learning something valuable. As one of our customers said, “Everything that makes it easier is so appreciated!”

We agree, and that is why Paubox’s mission is to listen to our customers and make life easier for you.


How our customers feel about the Paubox 

“We have Paubox and it's great!” 


Paubox zoom mixer highlights

  • Hoala shared some great news that will be made public soon, so stay tuned!
  • A quarantine by country feature is coming soon. We are excited to add that functionality into our suite of products.
  • 90% of phishing is Display Name Spoofing -and our ExecProtect feature is up to the test.
  • People are noticing a rise in business and personal email spoofing
  • Issues with spam getting through Barracuda filters
  • Paubox is the only solution that removes user error when it comes to accidentally sending PHI
  • Question: How does our encryption works, both for sending and receiving emails. Hoff mentioned our patented approach and Pete shared the blog post we wrote about it
  • Question: How does our archiving solution delivers email to end users? We don’t convert them into PDF files and we keep a read-only log of restored mail
  • Q3 roadmap for Inbound Security (expanded ExecProtect functionality and Quarantine-by-country feature)
  • One attendee noted he generally does not care for Barracuda (ditto)
  • A cyber liability vendor and their discounts for doing business with HITRUST companies update will be coming in the near future
  • Two attendees signed up for demos
  • Daniel inquired whether we can backup all data within a Microsoft 365 environment (hint: we're already working on it via microservices)


Horses, race cars and a lively evening

When one of our attendees asked what made us different and why should he switch over to Paubox, Hoff made the comparison of horses to race cars. Why take a horse when you can drive a race car? We agree, Hoff. And, before one of the attendees signed off for the evening he asked Google to "turn on the lights" and we got to see a very impressive neon light display in his living room. It made our night. Thank you, T! 

See everyone at the next Zoom mixer!  Our Zoom Social Mixers continue to offer a great networking opportunity for attendees. Leaders across the healthcare industry share strategies and career tips while enjoying a beverage together virtually. 

Contact us  today and join us at our next social mixer! 

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