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Come one, come all: Join the Paubox Team for Crissy Field beach clean up on Thursday February 13th

Come one, come all: Join the Paubox Team for Crissy Field beach clean up on Thursday February 13th

On Thursday, February 13th the Paubox team and friends will be pitching in to clean up Crissy Field in San Francisco.

We'd like to open up this opportunity for community service to anyone who has an interest in keeping our beaches clean.

Whether you're a Paubox customer, a concerned citizen, or you just want to spend time at the beach with some new friends, we'd love to have you join us!

Paubox will supply everything you need. Just meet us at the West Bluff area of the park by the picnic tables at 9:30AM.  We'll wrap up by 11AM. Look for people wearing Paubox t-shirts as seen in the photo below. We might have one for you too!


Paubox Community Service: Street Cleanup Around Our New Office


Paubox specializes in HIPAA compliant email with zero-step encryption for both senders and recipients. This beach clean up is part of our commitment to complete 50 hours of community service in 2020. It also ties in perfectly with our newest product,  Project Orca, which allows healthcare providers to send HIPAA compliant email marketing including patient data to drive more engagement and results. This beach clean up is done in partnership with Orca Conservancy of Washington State.  Orca Conservancy is committed to the recovery of the southern resident killer whale population and protecting the critical habitat in which they depend.  Since 1996, they have worked tirelessly to recover the southern resident orca population throughout their habitat range through science, education and outreach. If you need Orca Conservancy's EIN in order to use company-sponsored community service hours, email


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