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Lately, we've been discussing in the office whether certain cloud-based solutions are HIPAA compliant or not. Mixpanel is a popular business analytics service that tracks user interactions with web and mobile applications. We know the HIPAA industry is vast so we can empathize with just how many people need to use cloud-based services in this sector. Today, we will determine if Mixpanel offers HIPAA compliance or not.


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About Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a popular web analytics company that's based a few blocks away in San Francisco. It tracks user interactions with web and mobile applications and provides tools for targeted communication with them. Its toolset also contains the ability to perform A/B tests and user survey forms.


Mixpanel and the business associate agreement

We’ve previously talked about how a business associate agreement (BAA) is a written contract between a covered entity and a business associate. It is required by law for HIPAA compliance. Mixpanel has a link on its website titled Mixpanel & HIPAA which explains:
Mixpanel’s SOC 2, ISO27001 Data Center, GDPR, and EU-U.S. Privacy Shield compliant data centers, along with our standard Business Associates Agreement (“BAA”), help our customers maintain their HIPAA compliance.


Does Mixpanel offer HIPAA compliant service?

The BAA is a key component to HIPAA compliance between a covered entity and a business associateSince Mixpanel offers one, the company can be HIPAA compliant.

Updated January 14, 2022


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