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Ben Holber: What is DTC?

Ben Holber: What is DTC?

We recently sat down with Ben Holber, Founder CEO of  YoDerm, for another episode of HIPAA Center. Here is a transcript of how Ben is simplifying the dermatology prescription process. You can  watch the entire interview here.


Ben Holber: In Telemedicine, do you have to see a dermatologist in your state?



Hoala Greevy: Okay and then I was doing a little bit more homework. I saw you mentioning DTC. The only thing I could find on it was in the - some kind of street dictionary, “Down to Churro", so, probably not that. So what the heck does DTC mean?

Ben Holber: No, I mean I'm always Down to Churro. Always down. Direct to Consumer.

Hoala Greevy: Ah. Geez, guess I didn't do that much homework.

Ben Holber: No, we just nailed it with the DTC, but no that's right, Direct to Consumer. Because we're not relying on a third party to pay, we are working with and providing value directly to consumers. You know, I think something that's admirable about that is it is a much clearer kind of supply and demand curve, right? We have to make sure that we provide a great enough service that patients are willing to open their wallet and the value that we're providing is equivalent to the value they're giving us. And that's a much clearer supply and demand curve that shows more, I think, equity in both the outcome and the income.


About YoDerm

YoDerm is the easiest way to get prescription medications from a board certified dermatologist. Their mission is to expand the access to dermatology services by making them more convenient and affordable.


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