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Vanessa Carmean, PhD: How healthcare has received cloud computing

Vanessa Carmean, PhD: How healthcare has received cloud computing


 We filmed an episode of HIPAA Center with Vanessa Carmean, PhD recently. Vanessa heads up Healthcare Strategic Partnerships at Zayo. During our interview, we discussed her thoughts on how health care has received Cloud Computing in the past few years.


Here’s the transcript from our conversation:

Hoala Greevy: I understand you guys also do colocation and you have your own cloud offering. Vanessa Carmean, PhD: Yes. Hoala Greevy: In your experience, how has healthcare received cloud computing in the last two to three years? Vanessa Carmean, PhD: This is a great question and especially relevant in the last two to three years. We've seen traditionally health systems keep their data on-premise or on-prem, in their own data centers. Data centers are colocation facilities. We've been seeing more and more health systems moving to the cloud. They're moving data and electronic medical records are being hosted in the cloud. We've seen some large medical and health care organizations state that they want to be completely in the cloud within the next three years. So in the past two to three years, the cloud has really been a big part of the data storage and compute conversation for healthcare. Hoala Greevy: That's great.


About Vanessa Carmean, PhD


Vanessa Carmean received her PhD in Neuroscience and has focused her career at the intersection of science, healthcare, technology, and business strategy. She has started two companies and now leads the healthcare and finance segments at Zayo Group. Her work focuses on the data needs of health systems, life science, digital health companies, and driving Zayo’s growth in the healthcare and finance industries. RELATED: Vanessa Carmean: JPM Week 2018 Interview (Exclusive Video)


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