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Ben Holber: In telemedicine, do you have to see a dermatologist in your state?

Ben Holber: In telemedicine, do you have to see a dermatologist in your state?
We recently sat down with Ben Holber, Founder CEO of  YoDerm, for another episode of HIPAA Center. Here is a transcript of how Ben is simplifying the dermatology prescription process. You can  watch the entire interview here.

Ben Holber: In Telemedicine, do you have to see a dermatologist in your state?

Hoala Greevy: So if I need some help, do I have to see a dermatologist that's certified in the state I live in? How does that work? I'm a total outsider.

Ben Holber: Yeah, yeah. You're absolutely right. Typically the way the legal precedent has come to fruition was that medicine and treatment occurs where the patient is located, not where the physician is located. A patient is located in, say, New York, the physician doesn't necessarily have to be located in New York, but they have to be licensed to practice medicine in New York. So anytime you come to YoDerm and you get a consultation in your state, you will be treated by a physician who is licensed in that state.

Hoala Greevy: Got it. And do you folks cover all 50 states?

Ben Holber: We don't. We cover like 34, I believe 35 states. The reasons why we aren't in all 50 states is because first off not all 50 states have as progressive laws and regulations around telemedicine, around establishing a patient-physician relationship without an in-person consultation. And then also we're continually growing our physician base as well as our partner pharmacy base to go into all the states we can.

Hoala Greevy: So some states don't allow telemedicine? Is that what I heard?

Ben Holber: Yeah, essentially there are some states that just straight up do not allow telemedicine.

Hoala Greevy: Oh wow.

Ben Holber: And then, along with that, there are some states who will only allow telemedicine, but it has to be live video, right? And with us, it's asynchronous. So you take a photo, you send it off, you can live chat, or message, right?

Hoala Greevy: Yeah.

Ben Holber: However, Maryland, Idaho, D.C., you actually have to do a Skype or a FaceTime essentially with the Doc in order for that to be compliant.

Hoala Greevy: Interesting.


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YoDerm is the easiest way to get prescription medications from a board certified dermatologist. Their mission is to expand the access to dermatology services by making them more convenient and affordable.


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