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athenahealth MDP 2017: Jonathan Bush keynote address

athenahealth MDP 2017: Jonathan Bush keynote address

This year's theme for the 7th Annual athenahealth More Disruption Please (MDP) was Ride the Storm. Keeping in theme, athenahealth Founder and CEO Jonathan Bush began his keynote as a Maine sea captain. As it was my first time to Maine, I had a hard time deciphering the Maine accent. Luckily for me, he reverted back after he finished his cautionary tale of Blockbuster getting disrupted by Netflix. Here are my takeaways from Jonathan Bush's keynote address:


  • "Every brand that makes it is gonna figure out a way to do it on the cloud."
  • MDP is a corporate priority.
  • There are 181 partners in the athenahealth Marketplace.
  • Jonathan likens the athenahealth Marketplace to a hunting license.
  • They are bullish on microservices and are revamping their architecture as quickly as possible towards it.
  • Their Marketplace is getting a facelift in the coming 6-8 months.
  • "Healthcare is the only industry where you can say the same thing for ten years and still be a visionary."
  • "What's [President Trump's] basically done is give us an opportunity to fix our own problems."


Jonathan Bush, athenahealth MDP - Paubox


About More Disruption Please (MDP)


Jonathan Bush, athenahealth MDP 2017

The athenahealth More Disruption Please (MDP) conference brings together entrepreneurs, investors, clinicians and industry experts who share the company’s vision of disrupting the status quo in healthcare. MDP provides easy access to the world’s most innovative thinking and offers solutions to help healthcare professionals thrive in the face of industry change and pressure. It's held at the Point Lookout in Northport, Maine. We were lucky enough to have be selected to attend this invite-only event by Santosh Mohan. I recently ran into him at the Health 2.0 summer meetup in San Francisco.


About athenahealth


Jonathan Bush, athenahealth MDP

athenahealth partners with hospital and ambulatory clients to drive clinical and financial results. They offer medical record, revenue cycle, patient engagement, care coordination, and population health services. athenahealth combines insights from their network of 99,000 providers and 88 million patients with deep industry knowledge and perform administrative work at scale.


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