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Ransomware and the new paradigm of protection

Ransomware and the new paradigm of protection
The rise of ransomware: how did we get to the point we are now? Why is ransomware growing?
Current defensive models: what are the common approaches to protect against ransomware? What’s working, and what could be better?
How can you improve your ransomware defense and identify weaknesses?
What are some forward-thinking approaches to mitigating the ransomware threat?



About our panelist


Bruce Snell

Bruce Snell, VP Security Strategy and Transformation, NTT Security

Bruce Snell is vice president of security strategy and transformation at NTT Security. He comes to NTT Security with over 20 years in the information security industry. Bruce uses this experience to provide optimal solutions to the complex security problems facing organizations today.

Bruce’s background includes system administration and network security, including firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention (host and network), SIEM, DLP, and encryption. Bruce has also been heavily involved in research on new areas of cybersecurity, most recently branching out into IoT/OT security.

Bruce has also been a regular speaker at security and IoT conferences and a guest lecturer at Wharton and Harvard Business School. In addition, he is currently the co-host of the award-winning podcast, “Hackable?

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