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Scholars App

Scholars App

Scholars App gives people the opportunity to pursue their dreams and passions. It simplifies the process for students to apply for scholarships and colleges, while saving selection committees hours processing applications.


Company snapshot

Paubox customer since November 2015



Use case

Protect sensitive student information with seamless email encryption


  • Adopt an easy-to-use email security solution
  • Collaborate with organizations that require HIPAA compliant email

Used solution

Favorite features

  • Favorite features
  • Encryption by default
  • Peace of mind about email security



Traven Watase founded Scholar’s App when he realized that the scholarship application process had a two-sided problem. Not only did students have a need to find and apply for scholarships, but selection committees must sort through thousands of applications to find the most qualified applicants.

Watase needed to be sure that he was protecting the sensitive personal information applicants and organizations were entrusting to Scholars App.

To solve the problem, Watase turned to Paubox Email Suite Plus.



With Paubox, Watase was able to securely communicate over email with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. Although other vendors could encrypt email, none were able to make it as seamless as Paubox, which was "able to deliver encryption and I didn’t have to do anything different,” said Watase. “I just sent my emails like normal and everything was encrypted.”

As a result of using Paubox Email Suite Plus, Scholars App is able to collaborate with more organizations, including those that require a higher level of security. “Paubox is now giving us peace of mind that all the emails we send are secure,” said Watase.

At Paubox, we pride ourselves on a seamless user experience for both the senders and recipients of encrypted email. Our technology allows users to send an email like an ordinary email, without the use of plug-ins, add-ons, or extra steps. Likewise, recipients can open secure emails without the use of email portals or extra passwords.

Paubox uses transport layer security (TLS) encryption and is HITRUST CSF certified.



In the past 12 months alone, Paubox has encrypted over 25,000 emails sent by 4 Scholars App staff members. Since Paubox encrypts all emails by default, no one had to spend any time wondering about whether or not to encrypt an email; it was done automatically. And all the email recipients had to do was click "open" to read an email - no password or portal required.

In addition, Paubox blocked 287 emails containing viruses, and 36 phishing attempts, any one of which could have led to a security breach and a hefty HIPAA fine.


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