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Workflow automation solutions for NetSmart myAvatar

Workflow automation solutions for NetSmart myAvatar

If you’ve joined our Zoom Social Mixers, you know feedback goes straight to the top. Speaking directly with our CEO and Founder Hoala Greevy is a secret bonus of attendance. Customers raise pain points each month that are funneled into product improvements for our suite of solutions. Workflow automation solutions for Netsmart myAvatar were born from customer feedback.

Many Paubox customers have highly educated staff moving data from one program to another. Manual data entry creates opportunity for mistakes.

For instance, one customer worried their employees might compromise PHI by listening to voicemail in a public space. Staff struggled to complete repetitive tasks during normal working hours.

The impacts of COVID on staffing had them stretched thin. Employees completed work while shopping for groceries or riding the train. As a result, human error was more of a risk than ever. They needed a secure transcription solution that would save time, money, and prevent potential data breaches.


Paubox debuts workflow automation


Paubox realized the key to success was removing the human endpoint. In other words, we needed to cut out the middle man. We built our first workflow automationvoicemail transcription bot, to solve that problem. Teams could now read transcripts of voice messages directly in their inbox. Customers were inspired to ask “what else can we automate?” once they saw how much time was saved. Everyone agreed on the biggest pain point: getting information into an EHR without a human having to do the work.

Our second automated workflow was a patient intake form for a customer using Netsmart myAvatar. The customer sees upwards of 30,000 patients a year. In addition, they were having trouble staffing administrative roles. Practitioners with master’s degrees were entering intake information into the EHR. We wanted to free the clinicians up to spend more time with patients. 

First, we started with a list of required information that mapped to fields in myAvatar. Next, we developed an electronic intake form that a clinician could fill out in partnership with the patient. Finally, we programmed the form to attach to that patient’s record within the EHR. The success of this solution led to another idea for a countersignature bot. 


Workflow automation solutions for behavioral health


Behavioral health does not have the cash flow of an industry like real estate. Clinicians report using a product like Docusign is not a viable option for gathering patient signatures. The monthly fee, in addition to a limit on annual transactions, drives up user costs. Our bots’ pricing includes 1000 transactions per month.

To conclude, we set out to build a new encrypted form that would:


  • Allow a clinician to record PHI into locked fields for a patient to review
  • Allow the patient to check a box to acknowledge their understanding
  • Append the patient’s signature to the form
  • Upload the countersigned form as a pdf into myAvatar


Our customer was so fired up by this workflow being automated that he asked for two more solutions.

Paubox is excited to announce new workflow automation solutions for behavioral health clients.  What can we build for you? Reach out to your customer success manager or account executive to join our next Zoom Social Mixer.

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