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What is login spoofing?

What is login spoofing?

Did you know that your information is at risk of being stolen every time you log into your accounts? If you’re one of the millions of people who fell victim to a cyberattack in the past year, you may be all too familiar with this.  However, many people aren’t aware that their accounts are being compromised. Often the places that personal information is being stolen look precisely like the typical platforms you are used to accessing. For example, a spoofed website can be created just to obtain your details. 


What is login spoofing?


While there are many different types of spoofing attacks, one of the most common is called login spoofing. This is where your passwords and other personal information are stolen through an infected login portal. 

Often confused with email phishing, where a user clicks on an infected link and enters their login information, login spoofing usually is indicative of a much more heinous form of vandalism where an attacker has already gained access to the victim's computer to at least some degree. 

Login spoofing techniques are constantly changing so that hackers can continue to steal information. The 2020 Webroot Threat Report found that 93% of cyberattacks were polymorphic, meaning they are evolving within seconds of being detected by antivirus software

You might find login spoofing linked to a healthcare portal. Portals house protected health information (PHI) in one place so that patients can access everything at once. However, large healthcare organizations like universities or hospitals are the primary targets for cyberattacks. 

One solution to this is utilizing HIPAA compliant email rather than patient portals. Not only do patients prefer using email to communicate with their providers, but this method also reduces the risk that PHI can be hacked. 

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How Paubox can help


Paubox Email Suite Plus makes inbound email threats a thing of the past for your organization. Our patent-pending Zero Trust Email feature applies the Zero Trust security framework to email, requiring an additional proof of legitimacy before delivering any message. Our proprietary email AI algorithm is specific for each customer and changes based on time and usage. 

It also comes with our patented feature ExecProtect, which fights against display name spoofing. On top of all that, it encrypts outbound email by default and is compatible with popular email platforms like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Exchange. Email recipients receive your messages directly to their inboxes, no password or portal required.

By using patient-friendly methods of communication that are HIPAA compliant and protect your patient’s PHI from cyberattacks, the chances of login spoofing for your organization will decrease dramatically. 


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