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Making scanning of documents HIPAA compliant

Making scanning of documents HIPAA compliant

I recently got a call from Don Mangiarelli, President of Enterprise Technology Solutions LLC in Hawaii. He presented me with a interesting proposal: He wanted to connect our HIPAA Compliant Email solution to a mutual customer's scanner. Was this possible? Since it would be our first time trying, I wasn't sure myself. As it turns out, Paubox can be used to make scanning a document HIPAA Compliant when sent via email. Here's how we did it.

How to Use Scan to HIPAA Compliant Email - Paubox



The customer Don was trying to help was an early adopter of ours, Hookele Health Navigators. Hookele had an onsite scanner/printer/copy machine in their office which came with built-in  scan to email capability. This particular scanner however, was not designed to encrypt email using Transport Layer Security (TLS). As a workaround, Don spun up a small SMTP server onsite within the Hookele office. As you can imagine, Don setup the server to be capable of sending encrypted email via TLS. With the onsite SMTP server in place, Hookele Health Navigators had the components to get Scan to HIPAA Compliant Email working.


Scan to HIPAA Compliant Email

The solution turned out to be pretty simple. Don Mangiarelli configured the scanner to relay all email to the internal, non-routable IP address of the onsite SMTP server. From there, he setup a SmartHost (aka relay host) on the SMTP server to relay all email via a secure, encrypted TLS connection to Paubox. Upon arriving at Paubox, we take care of the rest. 

Regardless of the recipient, Paubox makes sure every email sent gets delivered in a secure HIPAA compliant manner.

Customer Success with Paubox

Bonnie Castonguay - Hookele Health Navigators LLC - Paubox

It only took a few scan to email tests to confirm the solution worked. Hookele CEO Bonnie Castonguay was happy with the results. "Our entire staff at Hookele Health can now send HIPAA compliant email directly from our scanner," said Catonguay. "This is significant time saver and security upgrade for us."


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