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Top therapy influencers on YouTube

Top therapy influencers on YouTube

YouTube offers a wealth of resources and support. A diverse group of therapy influencers shares their insights, experiences, and expertise in the world of mental health. Whether you're seeking guidance for anxiety or depression or simply looking to enhance your personal development and self-awareness, these channels provide a wealth of valuable information.


Dr. Kati Morton
  • YouTube channel:  Kati Morton - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 1.3 million
  • Focus: Anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and mental health education.
  • Angle: Dr. Morton combines professional expertise with a friendly demeanor, making her content informative and approachable.


The School of Life
  • YouTube channel:  The School of Life - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 8.67 million
  • Focus: Human psychology, relationships, and personal development.
  • Angle: This channel explores psychology through philosophy and literature, using engaging animations to simplify complex ideas.


  • YouTube channel:  BetterHelp - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 167k
  • Focus: Online therapy, mental health advice, and therapist interviews.
  • Angle: BetterHelp's angle is making therapy more accessible and convenient, sharing client stories and expert advice.


  • YouTube channel:  Psych2Go - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 11.6 million
  • Focus: Animated videos on psychology, mental health, and self-improvement.
  • Angle: Psych2Go's creative approach simplifies psychology and mental health topics, making them easily digestible for a broad audience.


The Anxiety Guy (Dennis Simsek)
  • YouTube channel:  The Anxiety Guy - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 171k
  • Focus: Personal experiences and techniques for overcoming anxiety.
  • Angle: Dennis Simsek's content is rooted in his journey through anxiety, offering real-world advice and solutions.


Therapist Aid
  • YouTube channel:  Therapist Aid - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 40.9k
  • Focus: Therapy tools, worksheets, and resources for therapists and clients.
  • Angle: Therapist Aid provides practical tools and resources, serving as an invaluable resource for therapists and clients.


  • YouTube channel:  AsapSCIENCE - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 10.4 million
  • Focus: Mental health topics explained through engaging animations and science.
  • Angle: AsapSCIENCE combines humor and science to explain mental health topics, offering an entertaining angle on understanding the mind.


Dr. Tracey Marks
  • YouTube channel:  Dr. Tracey Marks - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 1.57 million
  • Focus: In-depth explanations of mental health conditions and treatment options.
  • Angle: Dr. Marks' unique angle is her in-depth knowledge as a psychiatrist, providing professional insights into mental health conditions and treatments.


Dr. Ramani (Dr. Ramani Durvasula)
  • YouTube channel:  DoctorRamani - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 1.51 million
  • Focus: Narcissism, toxic relationships, and personality disorders to mental health.
  • Angle: Dr. Ramani focuses on addressing narcissism and toxic relationships, spotlighting a lesser-discussed aspect of mental health.


Donna IRL
  • YouTube channel:  Donna - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 552k
  • Focus: Simplifying psychological concepts and exploring the world of therapy.
  • Angle: This channel's angle simplifies complex psychological concepts and therapy principles, making them more accessible to a general audience.


Inner Integration (Meredith Miller)
  • YouTube channel:  Inner Integration - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 413k 
  • Focus: Recovery from narcissistic abuse, healing, and self-care.
  • Angle: Meredith Miller's angle is her recovery from narcissistic abuse, sharing her experiences and techniques for healing.


Practical Psychology 
  • YouTube channel:  Practical Psychology - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 2.2 million 
  • Focus: Real client stories, expert advice, and discussions on various mental health topics.
  • Angle: Practical Psychology offers a unique angle by sharing real-life stories and expert advice, providing insight into the world of online therapy.


The Rewired Soul (Chris Boutte)
  • YouTube channel:  The Rewired Soul - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 82k
  • Focus: Personal experiences with addiction and mental health, as well as strategies for recovery and personal growth.
  • Angle: Chris Boutte's angle is sharing his personal experience with addiction and mental health, offering practical strategies for recovery and personal growth.


Dr Julie 
  • YouTube channel:  Dr Julie - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 1.35 million
  • Focus: Clinical psychologists sharing therapy insights and psychology research for better mental health.
  • Angle: Covers various topics from confidence to anxiety in short-form videos, with plans to add longer, more detailed content based on viewer suggestions.


Therapy in a Nutshell (Emma McAdam)
  • YouTube channel:  Therapy in a Nutshell - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 1.53 million 
  • Focus: Educational content on mental health and therapy concepts, making them accessible and easy to understand.
  • Angle: The unique angle here is simplifying complex psychological concepts and therapy principles, making them more accessible to a broad audience.


Dr. Nicole LePera (The Holistic Psychologist)
  • YouTube channel:
  • Subscribers: 462k
  • Focus: Combining psychology and holistic healing, empowering viewers to take control of their mental well-being.
  • Angle: Dr. LePera's angle combines psychology with holistic healing, encouraging viewers to approach mental well-being holistically.


The Mindful Movement (Sara Raymond)
  • YouTube channel:  The Mindful Movement - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 781k
  • Focus: Mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation techniques to manage stress and anxiety.
  • Angle: The angle here is mindfulness and meditation techniques, offering practical strategies to manage stress and anxiety and promoting mental well-being.


Surviving Narcissism 
  • YouTube channel:  Surviving Narcissism - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 731k
  • Focus: Addressing narcissism and toxic relationships, offering guidance on healing, and setting boundaries.
  • Angle: Dr. Carter's angle focuses on addressing narcissism and toxic relationships, providing guidance on healing, and setting boundaries, which is a big aspect of mental health.

  • YouTube channel:  HealthyGamerGG - YouTube  
  • Subscribers: 1.8 million
  • Focus: Mental health discussions, gaming, and addressing video game addiction.
  • Angle: Healthy Gamer GG combines mental health discussions with gaming content and tries to address video game addiction, providing a unique perspective on mental health within the gaming community.


Dr. Ali Mattu
  • YouTube channel:  Doctor Ali Mattu - YouTube 
  • Subscribers: 269k
  • Focus: Exploring mental health topics using pop culture references to make psychology engaging and relatable.
  • Angle: Dr. Ali Mattu's unique angle uses pop culture references to explore mental health topics, making psychology engaging and relatable to a wide audience.


In the news

In 2022, Kaylen encountered a surprising TikTok video about relationships and anxiety created by her therapist, an unsettling experience that echoed a previous discovery of another therapist's content on YouTube. This overlap prompted her to pause therapy, showing a broader issue at the intersection of professional boundaries and social media. Therapists increasingly use platforms like TikTok to share mental health insights and expand their practices, creating discomfort for clients who see their private counselors adopting public, influencer personas.

This phenomenon, known as TherapyTok, raises ethical concerns and blurs the lines of confidentiality. According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), therapists must protect their clients' privacy and are prohibited from discussing private sessions publicly. However, the rise of social media has complicated these boundaries, as therapists share general advice and insights that can sometimes feel personal to clients. This delicate balance challenges both therapists and clients to understand the intersection of maintaining professional integrity and engaging in an online presence.

As TherapyTok grows, it indicates the need for clear guidelines and ethical standards for mental health professionals online. Despite the potential benefits of reaching a broader audience and promoting mental health awareness, therapists must remain vigilant about protecting client confidentiality and ensuring their content does not inadvertently harm the therapeutic relationship.



Should therapists comply with HIPAA regulations?

Yes, covered entities like healthcare providers (including therapists), health plans, and healthcare clearinghouses must comply with HIPAA regulations. Additionally, business associates handling protected health information (PHI) on behalf of covered entities must also comply with HIPAA.


How can therapists ensure patient privacy in electronic intake forms?

Therapists must use a HIPAA compliant platform, like Paubox forms, that uses security measures like encryption, access controls, and two-factor authentication to protect patient privacy and prevent unauthorized access to PHI.


Can therapists email clients under HIPAA?

Yes, therapists can use HIPAA compliant email, offering clients counseling, support, and guidance remotely. The asynchronous nature allows clients to engage in therapeutic dialogue at their own pace. Therapists can share personalized insights, interventions, and reflections while maintaining patient privacy.


Go deeper: HIPAA compliant email for therapists

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