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Top cardiology influencers on Youtube

Top cardiology influencers on Youtube

We look at YouTube's top cardiology industry influencers, where each channel presents unique content. 

York Cardiology

  • YouTube Channel: @YorkCardiology 
  • Subscribers: 462K
  • Focus: Reliable information about heart health in a jargon-free manner.
  • Angle: Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a Consultant Heart Specialist in York, UK, shares high-quality content on various cardiology topics.

Prev Med

  • YouTube Channel: @PrevMedHealth
  • Subscribers: 179k
  • Focus: Cardiovascular inflammation studies, medications, and coaching for adding decades of healthy life.
  • Angle: Dr. Ford Brewer, MD MPH and team provide insights into preventive medicine and cardiovascular health.

DeBakey Institute 

  • YouTube Channel: @DeBakeyCVEdu
  • Subscribers: 103k
  • Focus: Academic and clinical educational programs in cardiovascular medicine.
  • Angle: Epicenter for cardiovascular education, offering insights into academic and clinical aspects.

Dr. Alo

  • YouTube Channel: @DrMAlo
  • Subscribers: 11.4K
  • Focus: Healthy living, lipids, cholesterol, diet, exercise, nutrition, and medical research.
  • Angle: Dr. Alo, a Cardiologist and Personal Trainer, discusses heart health and overall well-being.

American College of Cardiology

  • YouTube Channel: @AmericanCollegeOfCardiology
  • Subscribers: 20.4k
  • Focus: Enhancing the lives of cardiovascular patients through medical society initiatives.
  • Angle: A nonprofit medical society providing cardiology professionals and patients information.

Cardiology Department Ain Shams

  • YouTube Channel: @cardiologydepartmentainsha9783
  • Subscribers: 33.1k
  • Focus: Educational medical content in cardiovascular medicine and interventional cardiology.
  • Angle: Lectures by staff members covering various cardiology topics for educational purposes.

Strong Cardiology

  • YouTube Channel: @Strongcardiology
  • Subscribers: 16.2k
  • Focus: Informative videos on cardiology, advanced ECG tips, and more.
  • Angle: Providing viewers with information on cardiology topics, including advanced ECG techniques.

Radcliffe Cardiology

  • YouTube Channel: @RadcliffeCardiology
  • Subscribers: 6.92k
  • Focus: Disseminating leading thought and best practices in cardiology.
  • Angle: A resource offering continuous education in cardiology.

European Society of Cardiology

  • YouTube Channel: @EuropeanSocietyofCardiology
  • Subscribers: 30.5k
  • Focus: Representing cardiology professionals across Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • Angle: Missioned to advance global research in cardiovascular medicine.

Boston Scientific Cardiology

  • YouTube Channel: @BostonScientificCardiology
  • Subscribers: 8.43k
  • Focus: Developing technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease.
  • Angle: Providing insights into the latest technologies in cardiology from a leading developer.

Emory Cardiology

  • YouTube Channel: @emorycardiology9010
  • Subscribers: 7k
  • Focus: Informative videos on various cardiology aspects.
  • Angle: Learn more about cardiology from Emory Cardiology.

Cardiology Forum

  • YouTube Channel: @CardiologyForum
  • Subscribers: 1.86k
  • Focus: Educational videos on cases and quizzes regarding Echo/Echocardiography, ECG/EKG, and Coronary Angiography.
  • Angle: Engaging content for those interested in cardiology diagnostics.

Shade Tree Cardiology

  • YouTube Channel: @ShadeTreeCardiology
  • Subscribers: 9.48k
  • Focus Down and dirty descriptions of cardiology concepts.
  • Angle: Simplifying complex cardiology topics for a broader audience.


  • YouTube Channel: @Cardiosmart
  • Subscribers: 15.6k
  • Focus: Engaging, informing, and empowering cardiovascular patients to participate in their care.
  • Angle: Offering advice for professionals and general viewers.

The Drs. Wolfson

  • YouTube Channel: @TheDrsWolfson
  • Subscribers: 10.9k
  • Focus: Heart Healthy tips, Paleo Nutrition, and Lifestyle.
  • Angle: Dr. Heather Wolfson and The Natural Cardiologist share insights on heart health and paleo living.


  • YouTube Channel: @LinkstreetHealth-People4People
  • Subscribers: 6.71k
  • Focus: Pediatric Cardiology classes, teaching, and lectures.
  • Angle: Coordinated and conceptualized by Dr. Sunita Maheshwari, Senior Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist.

R. Kannan Mutharasan

  • YouTube Channel: @RKannanMutharasan
  • Subscribers: 4.86k
  • Focus: Videos about cardiology for students and patients.
  • Angle: M.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine Cardiology at Northwestern University.

Cardiology Online

  • YouTube Channel: @cardiologyonline6409
  • Subscribers: 1.41k
  • Focus: Advancement of global research in cardiovascular medicine.
  • Angle: Support of scientific research in cardiovascular medicine.


  • YouTube Channel: @HeartBMJ
  • Subscribers: 1.57k
  • Focus: International peer-reviewed journal keeping cardiologists up to date.
  • Angle: Advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Egyptian Society of Cardiology (EgSC)

  • YouTube Channel: @egyptiansocietyofcardiolog429
  • Subscribers: 7.09k
  • Focus: Providing information on various cardiovascular concepts.
  • Angle: Educational content in the field of cardiology.

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