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Tony Cox: Paubox Zoom social mixer (May 2023)

Tony Cox: Paubox Zoom social mixer (May 2023)

Last month's Paubox Zoom social mixer for May 2023 featured a presentation on Mental Health Awareness month by Tony Cox, CIO of Henderson Behavioral Health.

What’s happening: Paubox Zoom social mixers allow our customers and prospects to network and learn new trends.

Why it matters: As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, we asked Tony to be our speaker for the month.

Tony's organization, Henderson Behavioral Health, is one of the oldest, largest and most successful providers of behavioral health services in Florida. The company relies on research and evidence-based practices to treat patients as a whole, not just an illness.

Our takeaways:

  • We learned many healthcare pros are not computer savvy, nor do they want to be
  • There's limited funding for IT security, as well as staffing and training challenges
  • The stigma around seeking mental health assistance is falling
  • After 20 years of no changes, Medicaid rates in Florida may go up soon
  • The shift to a value-based reimbursement model is still happening
  • Paubox helped HBH start out small and affordably. They really love ExecProtect.


The bottom line: We're thankful to get an up close update on challenges and successes facing behavioral health organizations as we emerge from the pandemic.

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