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Protected health information ( PHI ) needs to be kept safe from unauthorized users. Text messaging can be a convenient tool for healthcare organizations, but it can also be a source of a data breach if you don't use the right provider. Let's review TigerConnect and see if it offers HIPAA compliant text messaging.


TigerConnect and the business associate agreement

Healthcare vendors, or business associates , need to sign a document stating that they will comply with HIPAA security rules if they will be handling protected health information (PHI). This document is known as the business associate agreement ( BAA ). Covered entities should be aware that working with business associates could lead to a data breach if the provider doesn't follow HIPAA guidelines. Any time you are working with a business associate with no BAA in place, you are not in compliance with HIPAA. TigerConnect is willing to sign a BAA with a covered entity . You can read the full BAA by clicking here .


TigerConnect and data security

Not all text messaging providers have the same level of data security. It's important to consider every provider's security features to ensure that it is robust enough to handle your healthcare organization's needs. TigerConnect has numerous security features and is HITRUST CSF certified . The company uses robust encryption to ensure the protection of PHI. TigerConnect gives healthcare providers full control over security settings, so you can configure it to match your needs. Some features include auto-deletion of old messages, mobile PIN locks, and remotely blocking access in case of a lost or stolen device. You should also consider that healthcare workers are most likely going to use their personal devices when they use text messaging. The personal devices may not have the same level of security compared to company-owned devices. If you are going to use text messaging, consider updating your procedures around " bring your own device " policies.


Is TigerConnect HIPAA compliant?

Yes, TigerConnect can be HIPAA compliant. The company will sign a BAA, and healthcare organizations can customize security features for HIPAA compliance to match their own needs.


Don't forget to make your email HIPAA compliant, too

Healthcare providers are usually reliant on email to communicate with each other and with patients. You need to ensure that you have HIPAA compliant email to keep PHI safe from cyberattacks or data breaches. Paubox Email Suite makes it easy for your employees to communicate using encrypted email. It easily integrates with your current email provider, like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 . Employees can send emails directly to a patient's inbox—no need for client portals or passwords. Our Plus and Premium level products also come with inbound security tools to stop threats like phishing emails , spam , viruses , and malware from reaching a user’s inbox. Our patented ExecProtect feature also blocks display name spoofing emails from wreaking havoc on your organization.


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