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Last week I stopped by Blue Startups for a talk story session with their latest cohort [9]. I ran into Jared Kushi earlier in the week and he asked me to stop by the office. Having graduating the 500 Startups accelerator only a handful of months prior, I didn't feel especially qualified to speak to members of another accelerator. My job as Founder CEO however, is to gladly accept such opportunities. So I showed up early and went to work. Paubox is on network time.

I was asked to talk about:

  • B2B Sales.
  • Fundraising.
  • Scaling.


I admittedly went off course and also discussed:


I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to talk story at Blue Startups!

About Blue Startups

 Chenoa Farnsworth, Managing Partner of Blue Startups - Paubox Chenoa Farnsworth, Managing Partner of Blue Startups

Blue Startups is focused on recruiting capital efficient and scalable technology companies. This would include web, software, and mobile startups. They recruit from Hawaii, Asia and North America. In addition, Blue Startups targets companies in certain sectors:

  • Travel technology.
  • Gaming.
  • B2B solutions.

Lastly, they are keenly interested in companies addressing both East and West markets.

 Ikaika Sheehan and Chuck Liddell - Paubox Ikaika Sheehan and Chuck Liddell (not a typo)

 The setup at Blue Startups - Paubox The setup at Blue Startups


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