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Switching from Virtru to Paubox Email Suite

Switching from Virtru to Paubox Email Suite

Reconsidering your Virtru subscription? Learn about the most important components of an email service, how to end a subscription with Virtru, and what it's like switching to Paubox. 


Why the right service matters

When it comes to HIPAA compliant email, messaging, or marketing, different services can lead to vastly different experiences for users and recipients.


Security first

For email and messaging, security should be of the utmost importance for any company dealing with sensitive information, like healthcare, education, or financial institutions. 

Unfortunately, data breaches and hacking incidents are wreaking havoc on many organizations in the healthcare industry, causing downed operations, costly efforts to return to normal, and even legal implications. In 2022 alone, the HHS' Office for Civil Rights received over 30,000 complaints, many of which cited inadequate data protection. 

Organizations that skip out on providing top-tier security measures often wind up paying for it–and more–in the long run. 

While breaches are skyrocketing, they are far from inevitable. With the right email encryption tool, you can feel confident that your patient or customer data is secure.


Systems you want to use

Even though security is a priority, almost equally important is the user and recipient experience. In many cases, this goes hand-in-hand with secure usage. 

Lapses in security are often caused by human error, whether it's a nurse quickly sending an email to a patient or doctors communicating behind the scenes. The best technology allows healthcare workers to do what they do best–help patients, without needing significant training to keep data safe.  

Ease of use matters for patients and customers, too. For some, authentication apps or patient portals can be confusing, especially if they require plug-ins, passwords, or other security tools recipients only use rarely. 

A clunky system results in patients needing help to receive or access the data they need to make informed healthcare decisions or follow through on their physician's advice. 

If your organization currently uses Virtru, you're well aware of the importance of HIPAA compliance, security, and ease of use. Even so, not every system is the same. If you're reading this article, it may be time to switch to a platform like Paubox. 


Evaluating email options

If you're debating leaving Virtru, several options are worth considering. From security, to cost, and support, there's a lot to evaluate. Here are some components to consider and how Virtru stacks up. 


HIPAA Compliance

Virtru has always prioritized HIPAA compliance. Even though compliance is a cornerstone of the product, it's not necessarily the most intuitive option. Senders are required to opt into encrypting emails. While hitting a button may seem like a small step, it can become just one of many tasks for busy doctors, nurses, and other providers. 

Reports show that many healthcare workers don't fully understand their direct impact on security or feel that security teams don't emphasize its importance. On top of this, human error is inevitable and a leading cause of breaches. 

If you're looking at other options, consider one with less friction, like Paubox. We are one of the only email providers that automatically encrypts every email, removing the guesswork and any room for error. Through automation, we make it easier for providers to send emails safely. Providers won't have to worry about email security protocols, remember additional steps, or complete arduous training. 

Paubox has always been a leader in HIPAA compliance, staying up to date on new trends, best practices, and more. Our desire for 100% compliance led us to automate; it's the easiest way to keep patients safe and providers happy. 



For most, pricing is an important consideration. When it comes to a security service, most organizations understand that a decent service will come with a price.

Virtru is one of the more expensive email services, with plans ranging between $119.00/month to $219/month or more. Virtru has been known to increase prices unexpectedly, as they did recently. 

Virtru also requires users to commit to a yearly contract. With no free trial–although potential customers can request a demo–it can be tough to commit. While demos are valuable and insightful, it's just not the same as trying it for yourself. 

Paubox can be an excellent alternative for those who are price-conscious but still want a steadfast service. With plans ranging from $29/month to $69/month, there's something available for every size business. 

On top of this, Paubox offers a free 14-day trial, allowing users to get a feel for the system, features, and usability. As you try it for yourself, you'll understand how it will work for your company. 

It's hard to beat the price of Paubox, but more importantly, customers know they aren't giving up any security features. Reviews speak for themselves; on rating site G2, Paubox has maintained a 4.9 out of 5-star rating for HIPAA compliant emails. 94% of reviews give 5 stars and we've never had a review under 4.


User and customer experience

As previously discussed in this article, ease of use for practitioners and recipients is equally important in an email service. 

While Virtru is a secure email platform, senders must opt into encryption, which can add friction to the overall experience. 

Recipients must verify their email to access Virtru's Secure Reader. Through the Secure Reader, which opens in a different browser, recipients can view and reply to the email. All information is stored in Virtru's Secure Reader browser. 

Virtru's system requires recipients to take additional steps to access and reply to emails. For some, the extra steps may be challenging. For those who have to refer back to emails, it may be more difficult to remember how to access them in the future. 

With Paubox, all secure emails stay in the same place–the recipient's inbox. There are no additional browsers or authentication steps. Paubox provides a message at the bottom of each email, notifying recipients that their email and any response they send will be automatically encrypted. This method is the most straightforward across all HIPAA compliant email service providers, ensuring patients have access to critical medical information. 


Customer support

The last thing to keep in mind if you are considering switching away from Virtru is customer service. When it comes to communication, organizations must receive help promptly. 

Virtru generally has positive customer support reviews, but they offer staggered levels of customer support. Only those with the Enterprise plan receive "Platinum technical support." 

Paubox is known for excellent customer service and support. No matter the plan you are on, you can expect the highest level of care. 


Leaving Virtru

While Virtru is a good option for some, it may not be the best choice for all companies. If you'd like to try a different email service, here's what we've found on leaving Virtru. 


Canceling your Virtru plan

Virtru requires companies to purchase a yearly subscription. Subscriptions also automatically renew, which means you should pay close attention to when yours is coming to a close. 

Cancelations are required via a written form or email and must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the end of the current year.

Cancellations must come from one of the following organization members: 

  • The Virtru account owner–the person who purchased the Virtru subscription for your organization.
  • The billing contact–the person who receives Virtru's invoices, renewal reminders, and payment confirmations. 
  • The Virtru admin–a user listed as an administrator in the Virtru system, which grants them access to manage the organization's account and users. 

Once you decide to part ways, you'll still have access to the Virtru system until your pre-paid contract ends. 

Once you lose access to paid Virtru products, you'll still have access to previously encrypted emails and files through Virtru's Secure Reader. Past account users will also have access to the Virtru Control Center, which allows previous emails sent through the platform to be accessed. 


Uninstalling Virtru

Once you have ended your subscription with Virtru, it's time to delete the application for a seamless switch to Paubox. 

Virtru is accessible through Chrome Plugins (Gmail/G-Suite and Drive), Outlook Desktop Extension, Outlook 365 Add-in, iOS app, and Android app. Depending on which application you use, uninstalling Virtru may look slightly different. 

For Chrome Plugin users, head to Chrome and open chrome://extensions . From there, find the Virtru extension and select "remove." 

For those with the Outlook Desktop extension, first close Outlook. Ensure it's completely closed by ending any Outlook Processes in your desktop's Task Manager. Then, open your computer's control panel. Head to programs, and then programs & features. Once there, find Virtru from the list of programs and select "Uninstall." 

If you have Virtru on Outlook 365, you'll head to this website and sign into your Outlook account. Go to your "Custom add-ins." Select the three dots (...) for more information, then select "Remove." 

For Apple and Android, Virtru recommends you read their specific articles for deleting apps. 


Making the switch to Paubox

Paubox makes it easy to keep data secure and safe. We encourage any interested organizations to test Paubox with our free trial or demo.

Once you decide to use Paubox, you'll set it up with your Microsoft 365 email or Google Workspace. The process can vary, but Paubox's support team will be with you every step of the way. 

For Microsoft 365, you'll need to update the DNS records in your Domain Host and create a connector. In the Paubox Dashboard, the administrator will list the email addresses for secure sending and upload your organization's logo. After that, you can send a test email to make sure the setup is complete. Paubox provides a step-by-step guide for this process and support for troubleshooting. 

For those with Google Workspace, the setup is similar. Users will access their organization's Domain Host (GoDaddy or Cloudflare, for example). Then, Paubox will provide an outbound gateway value. Specific steps are provided, and Paubox support can help you every step of the way. 


The bottom line

HIPAA compliant secure email is a priority for every covered entity, so pick the service you use carefully. Ultimately, several options are available if you decide one system isn't right for you. 

Paubox remains a highly regarded email service. We've never experienced a data breach and pride ourselves on providing the highest quality support, encryption, and security tools for the best price. 

If you're thinking of making the switch, reach out to our team. We'll help make the transition easy and seamless.

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