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Spicy ramen with Mizan Rahman

Spicy ramen with Mizan Rahman

On Friday I met up with Mizan Rahman and his good friend Sri Jujare for lunch in North Beach.

As it often happens here, I got an auspicious email out of left field from my buddy Ernie Graham, CEO of Homebot. Ernie wanted to connect Mizan and I before Mizan's flight back to Atlanta on Sunday.

Since that day was my only window to meet, we quickly organized a plan to have spicy ramen lunch in North Beach.

As I would learn over an "extra spicy" bowl of ramen at Kan Ramen, Mizan is moving his startup RightPatient from Atlanta to Silicon Valley this summer.


About RightPatient

RightPatient is on a mission to offer innovative and comprehensive patient identification solutions that:
  • Increase patient safety.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Improve the quality of care.
  • Enhance the patient experience.


In a nutshell, RightPatient solves the patient identification challenge by acquiring and using the photo and unique biometric information of patients to accurately identify them. Their patient ID platform is used by health systems representing more than 900 sites. They also process over 40 million annual patient visits.


"Don't fight on the bite"

 Kan Ramen in North Beach - Paubox Kaen Ramen in North Beach

As we got to know each other over lunch, I could see why Ernie and Mizan are good friends. They both have that exuberant type of energy people love being around. Mizan is also a creative thinker: He coined the phrase, "don't fight on the bite" right there in Kan Ramen. As I recall, it centered around Sri wondering whether or not his bowl had pork in it =)

Here are some of my takeaways from our secretbonus lunch:

  • Investor in Homebot.
  • Investor in CircleCare.
  • They both liked my journal.
  • Mizan feels the pain point we're solving at Paubox with our HIPAA compliant email solution.
  • Selling to hospitals is about getting face time.
  • Looking for pitch practice in Silicon Valley.
  • Wants to become a Paubox partner.
  • I learned about the term 'awareologist.'


I'm looking forward to seeing where things go next.


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