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Secure email marketing for population health

Secure email marketing for population health

Why is secure email marketing lacking in healthcare?


Secure email marketing for healthcare barely exists in 2019. Here's why:


  • Many healthcare organizations take a conservative stance on what qualifies as protected health information (PHI) in email marketing.
  • If PHI is use in an email marketing campaign, HIPAA compliance regulations are triggered. This requires the email marketing vendor to sign a business associate agreement (BAA) with the healthcare organization.
  • As our comprehensive research has shown, the majority of email marketing vendors will not sign a BAA with their customers. They are simply not in the business of providing HIPAA compliant email marketing services.
  • For the handful of email marketing vendors that will sign a BAA, it pays to read the fine print. Constant Contact is a prime example. While they will sign a BAA with their customers, their contract states that you're not allowed to actually include PHI in email campaigns.


We created Paubox Marketing to fill this unmet need in the healthcare industry.

With our HIPAA compliant email marketing tool you can segment and send secure email marketing which includes PHI directly to your recipients' inboxes. Our thoughtfully designed secure email marketing solution for healthcare covers all HIPAA requirements:


  • We sign a BAA with our customers.
  • Data stored at-rest and in-transit is encrypted.
  • You can use the tool to send HIPAA compliant email.


As a bonus, Paubox Marketing is HITRUST CSF certified to set your mind at ease. To our knowledge we are the only HIPAA compliant email provider with this certification.

Also, marketing emails are delivered directly to your patients' email inboxes without relying on multiple steps and creating an account on a patient portal.

This increases the likelihood that your emails will actually be read.


What is population health?


Population health is a relatively new term in healthcare. The most succinct definition we could find is this:
Population health is defined as the health outcomes of a group of individuals, including the distribution of such outcomes within the group.

This means that population health takes into consideration the health outcomes of a particular region. It doesn't just consider overall health, but also how it varies within a group.


Secure email marketing for population health


As it relates to the digital marketing manager I spoke with today that works at a prominent healthcare system, his objectives were two-fold:


  • Leverage secure email for outreach to current patients to maintain their health and screenings.
  • Use secure email marketing to do outreach to the general population to prevent health risks such as a stroke.


We see ample opportunity to provide exceptional value to organizations with business objectives like these when they use Paubox Marketing, which allows users to segment and send secure emails using your patient data to drive more engagement and results. All while staying HIPAA compliant.


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Try Paubox Marketing for free and make your email marketing HIPAA compliant today.

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