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There has been growing concern surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) since January 30th when the World Health Organization officially declared the outbreak a “ Public Health Emergency of International Concern." It can be difficult for your patients to understand what is really happening and how they should react, especially since there has been a flurry of misinformation spreading rapidly online, faster than even the virus itself. As a medical professional you want to help your patients sift through the noise and determine what they need to do to protect themselves and their families from the virus.  But what's the best way to educate them?


Using Paubox Marketing for HIPAA compliant secure patient outreach

The unfortunate coronavirus outbreak brings to the forefront the question of how best you can communicate in mass with your patients. Of all the different options you may have, the most powerful way to reach your patients at scale is  secure patient outreach via email. Most standard email marketing solutions are not HIPAA compliant, but you can still send general information that can apply to everyone. The downside being the advice is more likely to be ignored as not applying to the individuals who may be most at risk. Using Paubox's HIPAA compliant email marketing solution, Paubox Marketing, you can send tailored recommendations to your patients based on their age, if they are pregnant, where they live, or any other criteria that helps you give specific information rather than generic advice which may not be as impactful. And if the CDC's recommended precautions change, you can immediately let patients know how it affects them based on their segment. With Paubox Marketing, your patients will receive your personally tailored coronavirus recommendations directly to their inboxes.  They do not have to log into a clunky patient portal with a one-time passcode, which creates friction and drastically decreases the likelihood that they will read your email. In addition, Paubox will sign a business associate agreement ( BAA) with you, and it is HITRUST CSF certified. In times of emergency, being able to communicate with your patients about best options can become critical. And if you have a larger organization, this can be tough to do manually. But secure patient outreach can be much more manageable with Paubox Marketing and help you keep your patients save and improve their health outcomes.


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