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Seamless encryption and the Rotary Club of Kahala Sunrise

Seamless encryption and the Rotary Club of Kahala Sunrise

I had the opportunity to speak about Paubox to the Rotary Club of Kahala Sunrise this morning. I made sure to show up early, eat quickly, shake hands and drink a lot of coffee. After breakfast, club business and a warm-hearted introduction, I had 20 minutes to convey why we're so pumped on Paubox. So I began my presentation with a hypothetical question:

What if you woke up one morning and went online to check your account balance. After entering your username and password, your bank's website came back and said, "Hi! We'd really like to show you your account balance using an encrypted connection but shoot, if we can't figure it, do you mind if we use an unencrypted connection that will transmit your information in cleartext instead?" Obviously, that bank would not be in business for very long. Yet there's a critical piece of technology we use everyday that behaves exactly in that manner. Yep, you guessed it, it's email. Can you imagine then, the enthusiasm conveyed when I told them we've built something that solves that problem, that no one else has been able to do? That's why we are jumping out of our shoes for Paubox. During the remainder of my presentation, I outlined:


The problem we are trying to solve

We believe regulated industries such as healthcare (HIPAA) face incredible compliance burdens. HIPAA compliance hurdles show zero signs of letting up and fines are increasing at an staggering rate.


Seamless Encryption is our solution to the problem

We believe seamless encryption is essential for user adoption, ease of use and enterprise-wide compliance. What we mean by that is that high-grade encryption should be nearly invisible to the customer. The way they interact with technology should remain the same- no additional software to install, no extra hardware to buy and no special instructions to remember. In my opinion, there seems to be a correlation between climbing the corporate ladder and increased resistance to learning anything new when it comes to technology. We took this to heart when we built Paubox Storage and Paubox Email Suite.


Our milestones

We have paying customers with more in the pipeline, a stable product, angel investors and a chance at a patent. We are working diligently to further execute our strategic plan.


The Paubox Team

Hoala Greevy, CEO/CTO (that's me):15 years experience in email industry, architect of Paubox platform. Jason Hoopai, COO: Serial entrepreneur since high school, more than $40M in transactions. Richard Kuwahara, CMO: 8 years marketing experience; expert building data-driven integrated marketing campaigns on shoestring budgets.


Call to Action

We're drinking the kool-aid here at Paubox. Contact us today to see how we can help you. Rotary Club of Kahala Sunrise
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