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Startup leadership training with Yuka Nagashima

Startup leadership training with Yuka Nagashima

Yuka Nagashima stopped by our office at Covo yesterday to visit. She had spoken earlier that day at the 2017 ACA Summit a few blocks away at the SF Marriott. We've got some new faces since she last stopped by the office, so it was good for everyone to meet.


Yuka's Homework: The Startup Checklist

Yuka brought a gift for me, "The Startup Checklist" by David S. Rose. I'm just about pau with "From Impossible to Inevitable" so the timing was good for a new book. Mahalo Yuka!

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A Startup Dilemma: Charging for Professional Services

Startup Leadership Training with Yuka Nagashima - Paubox

As Yuka and I got caught up, we got on the topic of Professional Services. As we're on-boarding larger and more complex customers, we're consistently running into instances where complicated integration is required from us. Yuka's theory is that it's a typical startup dilemma, getting comfortable charging for Professional Services. I quickly got Roger Manson and Mitch Steckbauer looped into our conversation. We resolved to get our paperwork updated next week and forge ahead with a Paubox Professional Services division.


April Sales Quota

 Startup Leadership Training with Yuka Nagashima - Paubox Paubox Sales Team made April quota on Friday

Yuka's visit coincided with our sales team meeting and exceeding their April sales quota, two days ahead of schedule. We've been lucky enough to meet our quotas every month so far in 2017. Our head of sales, Greg Hoffman (Hoff), has been rising to the occasion since day one. Job well done Hoff. Yuka also joined us as we did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) for our new product, Paubox DLP Suite. We're looking forward to the future!


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