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Paubox vs Zix

Paubox vs Zix

At Paubox we believe in making robust encryption simple for anyone to use. We’ve taken the feedback from our customers to develop products that take the hassle out of implementing encryption services that meets the regulatory requirements like HIPAA for healthcare.  Implementation is hard because adoption isn’t easy. Unlike Zix and other providers who force users to change their behavior by adding additional steps, Paubox makes things simple and easy for both senders and recipients of encrypted messages.


Would you prefer easy email encryption 100% of the time or just 75%?

Zix claims to have easy and simple email encryption, but those promises come with caveats like limiting inbox to inbox delivery to emails within their ZixDirectory. If your recipient’s email is outside of the ZixDirectory then they are forced to create a login and use an email portal to view messages. This becomes extra cumbersome when trying to view encrypted messages on a mobile device. Zix estimates only 75% of messages sent using their encryption is seamless.

With Paubox Encrypted Email you don’t have to compromise.

Just write and send emails as normal without the hassle of logins for you and your email recipients 100% of the time. All attachments and messages are then seamlessly sent for your recipients to view in their inbox without having to view the message in a portal, create a login, and other extra steps.


Paubox works on any device

There are no downloads required or software to install. This makes using Paubox simple and easy to use from any device – desktops, laptops, cell phones, and even smartwatches. Because Zix uses software and a portal to encrypt messages, it makes it cumbersome for users to view and send messages from a mobile device. With Paubox, encrypted messages can be sent and received straight on your mobile device from your favorite email app, just like conventional email.



Use HIPAA compliant email on your terms

We believe in making our customers lives easier, which is why we give you the flexibility to integrate Paubox Encrypted Email on your terms. You can choose to host your email with Paubox or you can seamlessly integrate Paubox with your current email provider and keep your email address. Paubox works with most commercial email platforms including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google Apps.


Paubox Email API available

Developing an application that uses email push notifications? Want to secure your patient portal communications? Paubox helps developers secure their projects with the Paubox Email API. Now any application that uses email can be secured with Paubox’s seamless email encryption.

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