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Paubox Branded Storage new feature: Assigning owner rights to others

Paubox Branded Storage new feature: Assigning owner rights to others

We're excited to announce another feature we've added to Paubox Branded Storage: Assigning Ownership rights to folders to other users. We take pride in listening to customer feedback and this is another feature we've built thanks to your suggestions =) Here's how it works. Now when you share a folder in Paubox, you'll see a third option under the Permissions drop-down box, " Owner." See this screenshot as an example:


 Paubox Branded Storage - Assign Owner rights

Assign Owner rights when sharing a folder in Paubox Branded Storage


Using the example above, when signs in to Paubox, he will have full control over the folder ' Kayak Fishing'. He can share the folder with other people, as well as upload documents and create sub folders. He can also delete files and folders within Kayak Fishing. You can easily promote people to have Owner privileges with folders you've already shared. Just click the arrow corresponding to the folder you want to make changes to, then click 'Options.' On the next screen, click the gear icon next to the person you wish to promote to Owner. You'll then see a screen similar to the following:

Paubox Branded Storage - Change Share Options

Choose 'Owner' then click the "Save Changes" button. You're done!

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