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Earlier this year we filed a Continuation-in-part (CIP) patent application around our work with workflow automation via email.

More specifically, it was related to our new and novel approach to workflow automation for HIPAA compliant voicemail transcription.

Fast forward to this month, I’m pleased to announce all 20 claims were granted for our third patent.

Innovations like this demonstrate further evidence towards our mission statement: To become the market leader for HIPAA compliant email.

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See also: U.S. Patent Office approves our approach to display name spoofing


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Customer feedback is a Paubox Foundation

Customer feedback is a big deal to us at Paubox. In fact, it’s one of our Paubox Foundations, which are principles and values we care intensely about. In effect, we use customer feedback as our roadmap of what to build and when to build it.

During a zoom social mixer last summer, several customers asked us to build a secure transcription solution for their corporate voicemail attachments.

As it turns out, they were acutely concerned over emails sent from their voicemail systems containing audio attachments. More precisely, our customers’ concerns lay with the potential of end users opening these attachments in public on their smartphones.

In their opinion, the risk of protected health information (PHI) being overheard in public obligated them to establish elevated safeguards for their respective organizations.

With this context in mind, their question to us was, “can you develop something that converts the audio attachments to text instead?”

We quickly got to work by leveraging Paubox Email Suite and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to detect and transcribe these audio files on the fly.

We then inserted the transcribed text into the message body and securely delivered the email to the end user, leaving the original audio attachment in place, and our customers delighted.

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