by Hoala Greevy Founder CEO of Paubox
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Paubox vs. Microsoft 365 encrypted email

by Hoala Greevy Founder CEO of Paubox

Emma Laedlein

Last week Greg Hoffman and I flew to Chicago to give a presentation to executives in the dental industry. As I prepared a custom presentation for them, I followed Justin Kan’s approach to telling a narrative:

  1. The world is a certain way
  2. Something changes
  3. The world is now different

The result was a compelling narrative on a common question we get asked – How is Paubox changing encrypted email when I already have Microsoft 365?

Part 1: The World is a Certain Way (Microsoft 365)

One of the more insidious approaches to secure, HIPAA compliant email is the encrypted email bolt-on currently being sold by Microsoft 365. At a minimum, it involves a six-step process just to read a single message.

The following screenshots illustrate just how painful the experience is. By the way, the blurred screenshots are an actual secure email I received a couple weeks ago.

Can you imagine completing these steps from your phone without losing your mind?

Step 1: Email arrives in my inbox. It tells me I need to go to a portal.
Paubox vs. Office 365 Encrypted Email

Step 2: I go to the portal. It then tells me I need to request a passcode (ugh).
Paubox vs. Office 365 Encrypted Email

Step 3: Portal then displays a new page. I still can’t read the message.
Paubox vs. Office 365 Encrypted Email

Step 4: I go back to my inbox and look for a new email with a passcode in it (why?)
Paubox vs. Office 365 Encrypted Email

Step 5: Now I go back to the portal and enter the passcode.
Paubox vs. Office 365 Encrypted Email

Step 6: I can finally read the message. By the way, it’s about someone wanting to switch to Paubox.
Paubox vs. Office 365 Encrypted Email

Part 2: Something Changes (Paubox)

When we built Paubox, we flipped the concept of secure email on its head. We eliminated friction for end-users while maintaining security and compliance. We did this by removing the UI (User Interface) for secure email entirely.

In other words, the sender composes and sends email as they normally would while the recipient can read the secure email in their inbox, without visiting a portal.

When I visited security god Jeremiah Grossman’s office in 2015, he quickly understood our value proposition:

Jeremiah Grossman

“UI is the biggest hurdle for email encryption.”

Here is an example of Paubox in action. The blurred screenshot below is an actual email I received a couple weeks from one of our customers.

Step 1: Read secure email (no portals!)

Part 3: The World is Now Different

We know we’re onto something big at Paubox, which is why we moved the company from Honolulu to San Francisco in 2015.

That feeling becomes validated as more and more organizations discover our solutions as we’ve seen from strong sales, unbelievable retention and gratifying positive reviews.

We also rank security and compliance as a top priority, which is why we achieved HITRUST CSF Certification for our solutions.

Be a part of the future.  See for yourself how different the world is with Paubox.

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