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Our efforts to build a SaaS landing page that converts

Our efforts to build a SaaS landing page that converts

I listened to the ProductLed Podcast as I went for a run in Waikiki this morning. Today's show was called, How to Build a SaaS Landing Page That Converts.

The timing here was ideal, as earlier this month we began in earnest our journey towards product-led growth. We consider this a vital step in our quest to become the market leader for HIPAA compliant communication.

This post will cover my takeaways.


My takeaways: How to build a SaaS Landing page that converts


The guest on the pod was Pedro Cortes, also known as the “SaaS Landing Page Guy."

Here are my takeaways:

  • A landing page is not meant to sell the product
  • A good/great landing page gives visitors enough info to learn more or book a demo.
  • Imagine a landing page as a salesperson who doesn't sleep or take days off. It should answer objections and explain things clearly.
  • Break things into tiny steps, do not move forward until each stage is correct.
  • Create a one page document defining:
    • What are the product's unique selling points?
    • What are some of the results people want to see from using the product?
    • What are some of the problems people have with competitor products?
  • From this one pager, you'll then understand:
    • What are the 3-5 things that need to be on the page in order for people to say, "This is the best solution out there for the problem I have."
  • Next, here's a formula that works in B2B SaaS:
    • What are things I can say in the hero section to grab people's attention?
    • What are things I can say in the middle?
    • What are things I need to say at the end?
    • What are the things I need to repeat several times?
  • Using the aforementioned checklist and formula, it essentially boils down to:
    • What do I want to say?
    • How am I going to say it?
    • There's no way to get stuck, as you're following a step-by-step checklist
  • Nexts step, start thinking about headlines for each section
  • After that, use body copy that justifies each respective headline
  • As for the image, what image would best represent what the headline says?
    • Is it a screenshot of the product? A video?


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