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Omar Shaker: Interoperability concerns in healthcare (JPM week exclusive video)

Omar Shaker: Interoperability concerns in healthcare (JPM week exclusive video)
  • 10,000 attendees and over 450 private & public companies attend JPM week.
  • Digital health startup BetterDoctor hosted a Nordic-themed social mixer (with sauna!) on the Embarcadero on Tuesday.
  • Omar Shaker of Clarity Insights, shared his concerns with interoperability in digital health.
The 36th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference went down this week in our backyard of San Francisco. Otherwise known as JPM Week, it's an opportune time to get out and network amongst our peers in the Health Care industry.

Omar Shaker: Biggest Concern for Digital Health in 2018

On Tuesday we attended the BetterDoctor social mixer on the Embarcadero. While there, I got a chance to catchup with Omar Shaker, Healthcare consultant with Clarity Insights.



Here's the transcript from our conversation: 

Omar Shaker: My biggest concern is interoperability. I think it's one of the biggest concerns of American healthcare in general. A lot of our insurance companies have the will and the resources to bring in clinical data from all the hospitals they work with. There's a lot of problems with standardization and with incentives that make this really hard. I think this is really where the potential in digital health lies. Where you can be able to integrate data from a lot of different sources and being able to kind of look at a patient through all these different layers of data. I think that's the single biggest challenge right now. There's so many EMR's out there and there are so many standards. I think with the new HL7 FHIR standard it might get much more interoperable very soon. But it's obviously going to require a lot of effort, a lot of resources, and a lot of know-how. I think that's kind of the bottleneck right now.

Hoala Greevy: Got it! Thank you.


About Omar Shaker

Omar Shaker describes himself as a Physician by Background, an Entrepreneur at Heart, and a Data Geek by Training. We first met a year ago at the Norcal HIMSS Innovation Showcase Conference. He is also the co-founder of Health 2.0 Cairo.


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