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Cesar Castro: Healthcare needs to improve its accessibility to information (JPM week exclusive video)

Cesar Castro: Healthcare needs to improve its accessibility to information (JPM week exclusive video)
The 36th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference went down this week in our backyard of San Francisco. Otherwise known as JPM Week, it's an opportune time to get out and network amongst our peers in the Health Care industry.

Cesar Castro: Biggest Concern for Digital Health in 2018


On Tuesday we attended the Torreya Partners social mixer at Jones. While there, I got a chance to interview Salesforce Community Cloud Senior Director Cesar Castro.



Here's the transcript from our conversation:

Cesar Castro: My biggest concern for digital health is accessibility to information. I'm actually personally going through an experience right now where I've injured myself. I injured my knee playing sports and I'm very anxious to get my hands on the information and all these tests that they've done. So for me, how do we get this into the hands of the patient as quickly as possible? Not just you know, have that intermediary of the doctor looking at information, interpreting it for you, and having to wait. Because right now I'm waiting to hear from my doctor to tell me what's going on with me, and in my condition, and what I need to do then. So that for me it's about disintermediation and how I can get access to the information as quickly as I want it.

Hoala Greevy: Wow, that's a very relevant story.


Salesforce Community Cloud

The Salesforce Community Cloud is an online social platform that enables companies to connect customers, partners, and employees with each other. It combines the real-time collaboration of Chatter with the ability to share any file, data, or record anywhere and on any mobile device. Community Cloud allows people to streamline key business processes and extend them across offices and departments, and outward to customers and partners.


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