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Niko Skievaski: An exclusive interview with Redox co-founder

Niko Skievaski: An exclusive interview with Redox co-founder

Niko Skievaski visited our office in San Francisco a couple weeks ago. Niko is Co-founder & President of Redox, Inc., one of the hottest digital health startups in the U.S. I first met Niko at a Health 2.0 conference a couple years ago. We've kept in touch since then: We hung out at their social mixer in Boston and met up at another Health 2.0 SF event.


Niko Skievaski: The Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)

Here are my takeaways from our July HIPAA Center interview:
  • Legacy medical records are the source of truth in healthcare.
  • The Redoxathon is an example of their leadership role.
  • "The concept of a healthcare developer doesn't really exist."
  • "If you're a healthcare developer, come hang out with us. We'll give you beer and tacos." (love that)
  • Madison, WI is a gem in the middle of cow pastures.
  • 100state is now the largest co-working space in Wisconsin.
  • We both love Saba sashimi. Especially when it's caught off a kayak.


Niko Skievaski: Lightning Round

The Great Question at Paubox is whether you are Team Polar Bear or Team Silverback. See Niko's reply below:


It was a pleasure to have Niko as our guest at Paubox. We are both looking forward to the future!

 Niko Skievaski: An Exclusive Interview with Redox Co-Founder - Paubox Niko instantly relished the Paubox apron


About Redox

 Niko Skievaski: An Exclusive Interview with Redox Co-Founder - Paubox Niko enjoying Saba sashimi from Monterey Bay 

As per the Redox site, they describe themselves as a team of engineers and healthcare nerds passionate about crushing healthcare’s interoperability problem. They aim to do it in a way that brings much needed efficiency to our healthcare system. They believe collaboration and the free flow of data between healthcare organizations, researchers, technologists, and entrepreneurs is the only way to tackle healthcare’s toughest challenges. One organization at a time, they've built the largest interoperable network in healthcare. We are big fans of Niko and Redox!


Saba from Monterey Bay

 Niko Skievaski: An Exclusive Interview with Redox Co-Founder - Paubox

A fresh catch of Saba and Lingcod in Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay is a far drive from my house in SF. To ensure an early launch, I slept in the bed of my truck in a parking lot near the launch site.

Note to self: Need to order a foam camping mat. I launched around 6am and quickly found large schools of saba. I dropped down my custom damashi rig and started banging out double and triple hook ups. I then used them as live bait and dropped em to the bottom to target lingcod and halibut. I got lucky and landed a lingcod. I took home around 40 pieces of saba and a lingcod. Good day on the water and a creative way to liven up an interview =)


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