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Nick John: Paubox helps Redox seamlessly exchange PHI during troubleshooting [VIDEO]

Nick John: Paubox helps Redox seamlessly exchange PHI during troubleshooting [VIDEO]

Next on the Paubox Customer Success Road Show saga, we visited Portland, Oregon. The visit was full of great customers and delicious food.

While there, we visited Nick John, Security Engineer at Redox.

When you’re troubleshooting an issue, there’s a sense of urgency involved. You want to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible without requiring too much effort from your customer’s end.

Redox needed a secure email solution to transmit PHI over email while troubleshooting. Redox utilized Paubox’s seamless nature to easily send and receive sensitive emails while reducing the stress of troubleshooting.


Redox and Paubox Customer Success



Below are timestamps from our conversation:

0:00  0:39 = About Nick John & his role at Redox

0:40  0:56 = What Redox does

0:57  1:34 = What seamless integration means to a Security Engineer

1:35  2:16 = How Redox is different from other integration platform

2:17  2:53 = About Redox’s famous taco nights

2:54  3:54 = Redox’s workflow before Paubox

3:55  4:27 = Life after Paubox

4:28  5:27 = How Nick thinks technology can make healthcare more efficient

5:28  6:44 = Nick’s biggest concern when it comes to healthcare security

6:45  7:40 = What podcasts Nick is listening to

7:41  9:06 = The future of Redox’s industry


About Redox

Redox Engine supports applications to expedite their development and deployment in the healthcare world. Their mission is to make healthcare data useful.

Redox is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.


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