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Networking in the Bay Area with HIMSS Northern CA chapter

Networking in the Bay Area with HIMSS Northern CA chapter

Yesterday we attended the NorCal HIMSS Chapter's Annual Fall Networking & Giants Game event. For $40 per person, we got access to their networking event and a ticket to the Giants vs. Dodgers game. Talk about a good bargain.


Networking at Perry's on the Embarcadero

The networking event started at 5pm and took place at Perry's Restaurant on the Embarcadero. There was a reserved room in the back that yielded an auspicious view of the Bay Bridge and the Embarcadero. There's just something cool about networking with views like that. The private room was packed and we did our best to make our presence felt. As it was my first HIMSS event, I was thankful the folks at the door were so friendly and helpful. One of those people was Kim Snyder, who is the chapter's president-elect. Others in attendance included folks from Medigram, Modis Health IT, Symantec, Microsoft, and Lumetra Healthcare Solutions.

 Networking in the Bay Area with HIMMS Northern CA Chapter - Paubox NorCal HIMMS Chapter president Nancy Hall (center) making an announcement


Giants vs. Dodgers: A Walk to the Park

At around 7pm, the room started to empty out as people made their way to AT&T Park for the game. Perry's is a mile from the ballpark, so we made some new friends with the folks from Modis during the walk. As timing would have it, the Dodgers had secured the NL West division the night before, thereby eliminating the Giants from playoff contention. Nevertheless, it was pretty cool to be able to walk to a ballgame in San Francisco between two division rivals. And yes, the Giants won the game, 5-0. I had a lot of fun at my first NorCal HIMSS event and am looking forward to the next one.


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