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Moving from ZixCorp to Paubox

Moving from ZixCorp to Paubox

Although some organizations are just getting started with their email security strategy, many already have solutions in place when they discover Paubox as a better alternative.

This is especially true for larger, more seasoned healthcare providers who need an easier way to deliver HIPAA compliant email. It's always refreshing to see customers loving how easy it is to make the switch, like one provider found with migrating from ZixCorp to Paubox.


Switching from ZixCorp to Paubox Email Suite


Although it may seem daunting, moving from ZixCorp's secure email solutions to Paubox Email Suite can be done in a few simple steps based on what business email platform you are using. Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are the two most common we see – and both can be done in just four steps!
  1. Domain: Update the one record in your Domain Host to add Paubox
  2. Google Workspace: Update the outbound gateway to Paubox; Microsoft 365: Create a connector to Paubox and disable the ZixCorp connector
  3. Paubox Dashboard: List the email addresses for secure sending, and upload your org’s logo (optional)
  4. Test: Send us a test email and we’ll confirm you’re sending securely with encryption!

Setups can be done in less than an hour for most organizations. Here are the full step-by-step instructions for Google Workspace and  Microsoft 365.




Making the switch from ZixCorp to Paubox email security solutions is easy and not the headache that many think it may be, with many getting setup in less than an hour.


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