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Is Zoho Mail HIPAA compliant?

Is Zoho Mail HIPAA compliant?

Zoho Mail is a cloud-based email service designed for businesses and professionals that offers a range of features aimed at enhancing productivity and security. Zoho Mail features include secure email and a commitment to privacyenterprise hosting, hassle-free migration, email archival, and EDiscovery.

Zoho offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based applications designed for businesses of all sizes. Here is an overview of some of the key products offered by Zoho:

  • Zoho Mail: A secure and ad-free email hosting service 
  • Zoho CRM: A customer relationship management platform that helps businesses manage their sales, marketing, and customer support in a single system.
  • Zoho Books: An online accounting software designed to manage finances, automate business workflows, and help businesses stay tax compliant
  • Zoho Projects: A project management tool that allows teams to plan, track, and collaborate on projects. 
  • Zoho People: A human resource management system that helps manage employee data, attendance, leave, and performance. 
  • Zoho Desk: A help desk software that enables businesses to manage customer support tickets, automate workflows, and provide multichannel support.
  • Zoho Creator: A low-code application development platform that allows users to build custom applications to meet their business needs.
  • Zoho Invoice: An invoicing software that helps businesses create, manage, and send invoices to clients
  • Zoho Analytics: A business intelligence and analytics platform that enables users to create insightful reports and dashboards.
  • Zoho Campaigns: An email marketing automation tool that helps businesses create, send, and track email campaigns.
  • Zoho Meeting: An online meeting and webinar solution that supports video conferencing, screen sharing, and recording.
  • Zoho Docs: An online document management system that allows users to create, store, share, and collaborate on documents.
  • Zoho Inventory: An inventory management software that helps businesses manage their inventory, purchase orders, sales orders, and shipments 

Is Zoho Mail HIPAA compliant? Yes, based on our research, Zoho Mail can be HIPAA compliant.


Will Zoho Mail sign a business associate agreement (BAA)?

Yes, Zoho Mail will sign a business associate agreement, which can be reviewed here.


What does the Zoho Mail BAA cover?

The Zoho Mail BAA covers provides control to the organizations to be HIPAA compliant, stating “Zoho Mail provides features to help the administrators to configure and use email within the premises of HIPAA compliance.”

Their BAA covers:

  • User roles and permissions
  • Security controls such as TFA/MFA, password policy, access control for safeguarding protected health information (PHI)
  • Encryption of data ar rest and in transit
  • Email deletion
  • Audit trails
  • eDiscovery and retention

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What does the Zoho Mail BAA exclude?

Zoho’s  statement "does not collect, use, store or maintain health information protected by HIPAA for its own purposessuggests that while Zoho Mail provides tools and features that enable its customers to handle electronic protected health information (ePH) in a HIPAA compliant manner, Zoho does not process or use this health information beyond what is necessary to provide its services.

This ensures that any health information managed through Zoho's services remains under the control of the healthcare provider or entity using Zoho. Zoho’s commitment within the BAA is limited to providing a secure environment that supports HIPAA compliance, such as through encryption, access controls, and audit capabilities​​.

Thus, Zoho Mail's BAA would not cover any instances where Zoho might independently use, store, or maintain health information for purposes other than facilitating the services it offers to its customers. The healthcare provider must ensure that all ePHI processed through Zoho's services is handled according to HIPAA requirements.



Zoho Mail signs a BAA and is therefore HIPAA compliant.

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What is a business associate agreement?

business associate agreement (BAA) is a legally binding contract establishing a relationship between a covered entity under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and its business associates. The purpose of this agreement is to ensure the proper protection of personal health information (PHI) as required by HIPAA regulations.


What is HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets national standards for protecting the privacy and security of certain health information, known as protected health information (PHI).

HIPAA is designed to protect the privacy and security of individuals’ health information and to ensure that healthcare providers and insurers can securely exchange electronic health information. Violations of HIPAA can result in significant fines and penalties for covered entities.


Who does HIPAA apply to?

HIPAA applies to covered entities, which include healthcare providers, health plans, and healthcare clearinghouses. It also applies to business associates of these covered entities. These are entities that perform certain functions or activities on behalf of the covered entity.

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