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Is Vxt HIPAA compliant?

Is Vxt HIPAA compliant?

Some covered entities prefer using visual voicemail transcriptions rather than listening to a voicemail message. While it can be a time-saver, it can also become a HIPAA compliance issue. Covered entities should consider how to use visual voicemail transcriptions without violating HIPAA security standards. One potential option is Vxt. Let's review if it is compliant with HIPAA.


Is Vxt HIPAA compliant?


Vxt offers voicemail transcription services. It claims that in-transit data and data at rest are encrypted and secure. While encryption can be a technical safeguard to securing protected health information (PHI) , covered entities should also consider other factors before choosing Vxt.

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Voicemails often contain PHI, which means that third-party vendors that handle voicemail are considered business associates. This means that business associates have an obligation to protect PHI under the HIPAA Privacy Rule Covered entities will need confirmation from business associates that they are taking the necessary steps to ensure HIPAA compliance. This confirmation occurs when a business associate agreement (BAA) is signed. The BAA is a legal document that covers what business associates are responsible for in protecting PHI it collects, stores, or transmits.  If there is no BAA in place, the business associate isn't a HIPAA compliant vendor. Vxt doesn't indicate on its website that it is willing to participate in a BAA. Under its Privacy Policy, it says " Despite our best efforts, the internet itself cannot be trusted as a secure environment. Consequently, we are unable to give an absolute promise that your information will always be safe. Sharing of personal information over the internet is to be done at your own risk."




Vxt is not a HIPAA compliant vendor. The company doesn't appear to want to participate in a BAA, which automatically excludes it from consideration for HIPAA-regulated entities. 


Consider Paubox for HIPAA compliant voicemail transcriptions


If you're looking to enable voicemail transcriptions in a HIPAA compliant manner, look no further than Paubox Email Suite. Along with enabling you to send HIPAA compliant email directly to your patients, it leverages email AI to send voicemail transcriptions securely to your inbox.  Besides voicemail transcriptions, Paubox also helps increase efficiency by using RPA workflow automation. It's also used to create an email archive under a single data warehouse . Our HITRUST CSF certified software provides a BAA for all plans. So you can rest assured that PHI is protected when you use Paubox.


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