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Is UniTel Voice HIPAA compliant?

Is UniTel Voice HIPAA compliant?

If you are a healthcare provider, you need a phone system, but it’s not as simple as picking any provider with features you like. Since phone systems can potentially process electronically protected health information ( ePHI ), you must choose a HIPAA compliant provider. Let’s discuss if UniTel has the features you need to stay in compliance with HIPAA.

About UniTel Voice


UniTel is a virtual phone system that allows users to take calls and voicemails from their existing cell, home, or office phones. The company boasts a simple set-up with no experience, tech skills, or IT department needed to get started.


UniTel Voice and the business associate agreement


Covered entities are required to sign a business associate agreement (BAA) if a vendor could potentially create ePHI. In terms of phone systems, a provider could create and store PHI from voicemails or call recordings.  Business associates that deal with PHI need to sign a BAA to ensure certain security protections. Otherwise, you risk running fines and penalties for a HIPAA violation . UniTel makes no mention on its website that it is willing to sign a BAA, which makes it automatically non-compliant with HIPAA.


UniTel Voice and data security


UniTel claims that it follows HIPAA compliance best practices for data security but cannot be a HIPAA certified provider. Why is that? It turns out that some of UniTel’s features are not customizable to the business. In terms of HIPAA compliance, the biggest issue centers around the voicemail notification emails. When a user gets an email to notify them that they have a new voicemail, the email contains an audio file attached. Since the email is not encrypted, it’s an issue to send messages with potentially sensitive patient information enclosed.


Is UniTel Voice HIPAA compliant?


UniTel Voice has many issues that make it non-compliant with HIPAA. The phone provider is not willing to sign a BAA. It also has features that could become a HIPAA violation since the phone system can’t be configured to match HIPAA guidelines on data security.

Conclusion: UniTel Voice is not HIPAA compliant.


How to make your email HIPAA compliant


Another important tool for communicating with patients is email.  While there may be better options than UniTel for HIPAA compliant phone providers, you don’t need to look any further than Paubox to ensure your email security meets HIPAA guidelines. Paubox Email Suite Plus contains many security features to ensure that you are sending HIPAA compliant emails Our robust inbound security tools stop threats from reaching your inbox, including phishing emails, spam, viruses, and malware. Our patented ExecProtect feature also blocks display name spoofing emails before they even reach your inbox. Paubox seamlessly integrates with your current email providers, such as Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Any email you send automatically receives the latest TLS 1.3 encryption for unparalleled privacy and performance.  Your patients won’t need to sign into a client portal or third-party app to access the emails. They are sent directly to their inboxes, making online communication more effortless. And to top it all off, business associate agreements are included with no extra charge. Paubox is an excellent solution for keeping your emails secure and HIPAA compliant.
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