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Data is essential for healthcare organizations because it helps you make informed decisions. One tool that could help is Splunk. But since it has access to so much sensitive information, covered entities need to ensure that it meets the robust HIPAA security standards.


What is Splunk?


Splunk is a data platform designed to help businesses investigate, monitor, analyze, and act on their data.


Does Splunk have a business associate agreement?


HIPAA rules require business associates to sign an agreement outlining their responsibilities for protecting protected health information (PHI). This agreement is known as the business associate agreement (BAA) Any third-party vendor that has access, transmits, or stores PHI is considered a business associate. If a business associate won't sign a BAA, covered entities shouldn't work with it. 

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Splunk does have a BAA available, but it's not automatically included unless you specifically purchase the HIPAA cloud environment.


What is Splunk's data security?


Since Splunk will have access to much of your data, it's paramount that you configure security settings to meet HIPAA security requirements. With the Splunk Cloud Platform with a HIPAA environment, the following security features are included:


  • Data at rest and in transit is encrypted using SSL
  • Encryption keys are regularly rotated
  • Covered entities must provide IP allow list rules


Is Splunk HIPAA compliant?


Yes, Splunk can be HIPAA compliant. Covered entities will need to purchase the HIPAA cloud environment and ensure a BAA is signed to stay compliant. 


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