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Improvements to our email

Improvements to our email

Earlier this month, we announced our webmail got an overhaul. The big update was that we made it responsive: Paubox webmail now renders appropriately on any device. We also spruced up its appearance and gave it a color scheme that's in line with our company branding. Since we practice dogfooding here at Paubox, I stopped using Thunderbird and began using webmail full-time on my laptop. I quickly noticed another improvement that we needed to make- keyboard shortcuts. I'm therefore happy to announce we've also added keyboard shortcuts to Paubox webmail.


How Do I Use Keyboard Shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts are enabled by default in webmail. For example, to compose a new email, simply tap ' c' on your keyboard. A new email compose window will immediately appear. To send an email, hit ' control+enter' and voila, it's sent. I believe keyboard shortcuts are faster than using a mouse. And since most people use email quite a bit, these small timesaving techniques quickly add up to increased productivity.


What Keyboard Shortcuts are Available?

Here are some the useful things you can do with keyboard shortcuts:
  • 'space' bar selects email and opens it in preview pane
  • 'up' and 'down' keys are for selecting email
  • 'delete' key sends an email to the Trash
  • 'control+p' prints an email
  • 'c' composes a new email
  • 'f' forwards an email
  • 'r' reply to an email
  • 'R' reply all
  • 'control+1' displays email tab
  • 'control+2' display addressbook tab
  • 'control+enter' sends an email
  • 'control+s' focuses cursor in search bar
  • 'control+r' checks for new messages (Refresh)


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