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Recently we added a new feature for Paubox Marketing, our HIPAA compliant email marketing solution. Customers can now hyperlink a phone number, which enables recipients to simply click the link to call the phone number from their smart phones.


How it works

As you are editing an email campaign, highlight the phone number and click the hyperlink icon.  Then type "tel:" before the phone number in the text box, and click "Save."


Hyperlinked Phone Numbers Enabled for Paubox Marketing - paubox


The phone number you include can be in any format — i.e. "555.555.5555" or "(555) 555-5555" etc.


Why you should use Paubox Marketing

Paubox Marketing lets recipients view marketing emails like regular emails without relying on out-dated portal notifications which are terrible for the recipient.  It allows you to segment and send secure email including PHI to increase engagement and build your business while remaining HIPAA compliant.

Paubox Marketing is the only HIPAA compliant email marketing solution that will:

  • Sign a BAA
  • Provide military-grade encryption
  • Allow you to include PHI in your marketing emails
  • Allow patients to read your emails directly from their inbox with no extra steps


In addition, Paubox Marketing is HITRUST CSF certified. Compared to the standard marketing tools, Paubox Marketing is the best option for maintaining HIPAA compliance while harnessing the power of  personalized email marketing.


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