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HIPAA compliant calendar invitations

HIPAA compliant calendar invitations


During a recent HIPAA Center filming with Leolinda Parlin, I learned about a new way our customers are obtaining value from our HIPAA compliant email solution. Leolinda is CEO of Hilopaa Family 2 Family. They provide a voice in healthcare to those with special needs. Leo quickly discovered that her calendar invites from Office 365 are also encrypted by Paubox. Below is an excerpt from our chat.


HIPAA Compliant Calendar Invites


"We use the calendaring function a lot. We schedule appointments with individuals so we've gotta not only have their name but we might be sending somebody else out for an appointment. We actually got address information for a patient or a participant in a health department program. Now using and integrating it with Office 365, we'll schedule everything in our calendar but when we invite the participant as a confirmation, it's gets encrypted in Paubox and that email actually goes out to that individual. And that's something that again, we'd never thought we be able to do. Our workaround was cumbersome. We would actually create the event in the calendar, print it out to a pdf, attach it to the email and then send it out. It was a multi-step process and then do it multiple times for the reminder. But this way, by just going to the calendar and using the functions, the reminders are automatic and it's transmitted through Paubox and its encryption so we don't have to worry about somebody getting information that they shouldn't."


About Hilopaa Family 2 Family


Hilopaa Family 2 Family is a one-stop for information and referral, technical assistance and training. The Center is staffed by parents and friends of children with special health care needs. They provide free, confidential assistance to families and self advocates and the professionals who serve them.


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