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Community service at CityTeam in Oakland

Community service at CityTeam in Oakland

Yesterday afternoon we served about 50 meals at CityTeam in Oakland, CA.

What’s happening: After our quarterly planning meeting in Oakland, we did volunteer work at CityTeam. We've been doing quarterly offsite meetings for 18 months, after reading about it in Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business.

Why it matters: Our mission is to become the market leader for HIPAA compliant communication and we believe the leader always gives back.

About CityTeam: CityTeam programs across the United States offer help and hope to neighbors in need with hot meals, groceries, shelter, housing and restorative programs, learning and career help, and discovery Bible studies. Each city has customized programs to specifically meet the needs of the community.

The bottom line: The folks at CityTeam were polite, organized, and friendly. We enjoyed our community service there.

Enjoy the pics!

Rick Kuwahara slicing a baguette

The CityTeam cheese grater was fun to use

Getting the cheese baguettes prepped with Rick Kuwahara

Putting the cheese baguettes in the oven

Becky Hathaway and Rick Kuwahara slicing bread

The Paubox serving line


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