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HIMSS16 day three: New contacts

HIMSS16 day three: New contacts


Some new contacts we made the day before asked me to stop by their booth today. Since it was their first time getting a booth at HIMSS, they were placed in a separate section from the main showroom floors. It was not an easy room to find. But although it did take effort, I was thankful I found it.


HIMSS16 Day 2: New Contacts - Paubox

Victor Low and Stamos Karvouniaris from MHN Consilink told me more about how they turn analytics into actionable steps to improve patient care and outcomes. They also were interested in how Paubox could help them, which I thought was a win-win. While I was searching for the MHN Consilink booth, some nice folks at Cloudbakers stopped me and asked what my " No Email Portals" button was all about.


HIMSS16 Day Three: New Contacts (Cloudbakers) - Paubox

The Cloudbakers staff were cool to talk to. Ashley Kelnhofer and Alan Miller (pictured above) discussed ways we could do business together. Looking forward to the future!

HIMSS16 Day 3: New Contacts (Jeff Malins) - Paubox

Later in the day we met up with Jeff Malins from HealthReactor. He demoed what he'd been working on recently with the Paubox team.

HIMSS16 day three: New contacts Speaking of, that's us at HIMSS16!

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