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Health technology expert Geoffrey Clapp joins Paubox Advisory Board

Health technology expert Geoffrey Clapp joins Paubox Advisory Board

We're distinctly enthused to announce the addition of Geoffrey Clapp to our Advisory Board. Geoff is a serial health technology entrepreneur with excellent character. He is an expert on HIPAA Compliance and an impeccable addition to our board. I first met Geoff on August 23rd when he visited us at 500 Startups in SF. His topic that day: HIPAA for Startups. Useful!

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Since then, we invited Geoff to be on our HealthTech Fireside Chat panel at 500 Startups. You can see his insights below on whether cloud-based services are inherently more secure than in-house (on premises) infrastructure.



More on Geoffrey Clapp

Geoffrey Clapp is a health technology expert who has founded several companies, worked on the FDA on mobile health policy, and has dedicated his career to providing clinically relevant improvements to healthcare through technology. Most recently Mr. Clapp founded Better with the Mayo Clinic and the Social Capital partnership, aimed at bringing concierge care direct to consumers. Prior to his work at Better, Clapp spent more than 12 years redefining the telemedicine and remote patient monitoring markets with Health Hero Network. As COO and CTO he designed and implemented award-winning hardware and software products, including Business Week’s 2000 Product of the Year with unmatched clinical outcomes across millions of patients. Clapp also serves as an adviser to Rock Health and dozens of other health technology startups.


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